Ajax Search Pro 4.15.0

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Ajax Search Pro 4.15.0

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Ajax Search Pro Features

  • 400+ possible options on admin panel
  • 70+ pre-defined fully customisable themes
  • Vertical / Horizontal / Polaroid and Isotopic styled results list
  • Multiple search plugins on one page – You can configure all of them separately!
  • Google Keyword Suggestions on no results, witch a language selector
  • Responsive width
  • Search caching & image precaching for better performace
  • Search in public custom fields is now possible!
  • 2 New widgets: Latest searched keywords and Top searched keywords! – You can setup a sidebar widget of the latest/top used keywords and even trigger a search by clicking on them!
  • Results filtering by: categories, terms, tags, custom fields, date
  • Search relevance options with adjustable weight values
  • Retina ready SVG icons
  • WPML support
  • Polylang support
  • qTranslate(x) support
  • Dynamic string translations via Polylang or WPML string translations
  • Google Analytics Integration module
  • Scroll-to-results option

Ajax Search Pro Changelog


  • Importing search from the Lite version
  • Results box width, margin and snap – floating results box can snap to the left, right or center of the search bar, as well as can have a custom width and margins.
  • Primary and Secondary ordering fields for user results (including custom fields)


  • Percentage values for isotopic item height is now allowed (it’s relative to the container width, not the container height)
  • Custom Field Drop-down filters – now support adding option groups within the drop-down via syntax: ‘__option_group||This is a group’
  • Custom Field Drop-down filters – now support multiple values within one option, using the ‘::’ delimiter: ‘value1::value2::value3||Option name’
  • Synonyms: Added an option to allow using the synonyms as keywords as well. In case of keyword => (synonym1, synonym2 ..) the words synonym1 and synonym2 .. act as keywords and are synonyms to each other.
  • Search override: Visiting the search results page via URL will automatically trigger the override feature with the default filter values, for the selected search instance
  • Compact final width – now supports separate tablet and mobile device widths
  • Custom icons (magnifier, loading etc..) – color/selection options disabled when active


  • Accessibility: Search option labels now contain the label text (invisible) to comply with Wave checking tool (previous release had a CSS implemented to prepare this change)
  • IOS/Touch devices – clicking on the ‘More results’ button now does not close the results momentarily
  • CF/Taxonomy searchable drop-down filter – does no longer trigger the search when entering the search phrase
  • Keyword suggestions – Title/Tag/Tax suggestions now properly respect the passed options
  • Back-end: Changed the #preview selector to something more specific, to prevent conflicts with some other plugins
  • Attachment page URL forced correctly, when chosen
  • Vertical results: Hitting up/down keys, no longer prevent the screen scrolling, when the results scrollbar is not visible
  • Fixed an array declaration issue in the helpers file, that causes problems with some PHP versions/directives (from [] to array())
  • Custom uploaded loading icons now work properly
  • Custom field filters – empty custom field values are now properly checked


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