11 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes for Writers

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Best Minimalist WordPress Theme for Writers

Are you searching for one of the best Minimalist WordPress themes for Writers?

The minimalist theme is one of the current design trends that people go for these days. They use it as a theme for their homes, work tables, outfits, and even Instagram feeds. Its simple aesthetic draws people’s attention more because it gives a sensation of peace and serenity. Moreover, it is easy and pleasing to look at if done correctly. 

If you plan to start or revamp your blog, it would be best to consider minimalism as an overall theme. Of course, you can never go wrong with this concept, like choosing college essays for sale offered by custom writing services.

Best Minimalist WordPress Themes for Writers

In this article, we have listed some of the best minimalist blog themes on WordPress that you can use to inspire your site. All of the themes mentioned in this article are responsive, well SEO optimized, customizable, and provides 24/7 support to its users. 

1. Divi

Divi WordPress Theme


The first one from this list is Divi. It is an entirely different platform with a wide range of page layouts, including minimalist ones. Whatever content you have, it allows you to customize your blog. Divi boasts its vast features, allowing you to edit your WordPress blog more precisely according to your vision. Its advanced visual builder technology gives every writer, newbie or professional, the power to create eye-catching designs. Moreover, its features are user-friendly, so you do not have to worry about dealing with technicalities. 


2. Astra

Astra WordPress Theme

Another WordPress minimalist theme you should look out for is Astra. It will help you reduce your design time by giving you a lot of ready-to-use template options. Moreover, you can customize your page even without the knowledge of HTML coding. Therefore, it would be best for you if you are a newbie. However, it will not take much of your time, and you will still get your desired outcome. It only requires less than 50KB of resources, it is one of the most lightweight themes available in the market. Besides that, Astra is WooCommerce ready, which will help business owners create their websites easily.


3. Ultra

Ultra WordPress Theme

Whatever theme you need, Ultra got it for you. It is a powerful and flexible WordPress theme created by Themify. Through this, you can construct any website quickly and turn it into an aesthetically pleasing one. In addition, it has different skins and pre-designed layouts that utilize the concept of minimalism. Furthermore, you have complete control of the overall design of your blog to make it the way you envisioned it. From header to footer, you can customize your page accordingly. They provide many options, so even if you do not know what you like, you can figure it out while editing. It also has many features that will allow users like you to see a preview of your site without hassle.


4. OceanWP

Ocean WP Theme

OceanWP is one of the best free WordPress themes for writers. Even if it has a pro mode, its free version still gives more beneficial features than others. It also offers numerous one-click demo templates that you can use to put up your website immediately. Its SEO optimization feature will help you put your articles on a high rank in the search engines. Through this, you can invite more readers and viewers to visit your page and read your content. Moreover, it allows integration of WooCommerce so that you can also sell your works.


5. Tinos

Tinos WordPress Themes

Tinos is an excellent theme for writers and bloggers. Its focus is to create a pleasing reading experience for your users by making your content available to any device. From smartphones to huge desktop screens, your visitors can enjoy reading your posts without worries. Besides, it supports video and audio post formats. This way, you can include videos or audio files to make your content more engaging, thus making it a more enjoyable experience. Lastly, it offers various templates, including minimalist design, to help you create your blog right away.


6. Wisteria

Wisteria WordPress Theme

One of the free minimalist WordPress themes that can help you make an aesthetic blog is Wisteria. It follows a modern blog and magazine style that is straightforward but still charming. Because of its clean or minimalist design, you can put more work into your content. Also, this characteristic will draw your viewers more to the posts than on other elements found on your page. If they are not distracted by other things on the page, they can focus more on the videos, photos, or texts. Wisteria is ideal for travel, personal, food, or lifestyle blogs as long as you use the right theme.


7. Neve

Neve WordPress Theme

Get more with less. This might be the most fitting way to describe Neve. It boats its lightweight theme without sacrificing its quality. In addition, its default install is as small as 28KB and loads in less than a second. Because of these features, you can create content more conveniently. Moreover, it comes with multiple ready-made templates that writers and bloggers can take advantage of and use. It can also integrate WooCommerce into your website so that you can sell your products. Besides that, it is compatible with Elementor and Visual Composer if you need to use them.


8. eClipse

eClipse WordPress Theme

A writer’s blog must be user-friendly and accessible to all users, and Eclipse enables you to provide such for your visitors. It features a responsive and fluid layout, displaying your blog posts on all devices, whether smartphones or tablet devices. Also, it scales the images on varied screens seamlessly. This way, your website will look professional and pleasing to all viewers. Eclipse has a custom widget for photos and videos you have posted on Instagram. It also has several gallery templates and a portfolio section that is perfect for photographers. 


9. Pepper+

Pepper+ WordPress Theme

For simplicity and elegance, you can count on Pepper+. It offers its users fabulous designs, portfolio layouts, modules, grids, and more. By using it, you can build complex structures quickly, even without prior knowledge of coding. It is possible through its vast collection of pre-made designs and drop-and-drag modules. Also, it provides several font customization features that can amp up your blog website. Lastly, it is compatible with the WordPress ecosystem for it to be convenient and accessible to you.


10. Elegant

Elegant WordPress Themes

From the name itself, the Elegant theme embodies the concept of elegance through minimal design. It steers away from complicated animations, transitions, and effects for the visitors to focus more on the content. Also, it pays special attention to typography as it is an essential element to attract visitors. Even though it is designed for blogging, it can still be used for magazine websites, online shops, and company sites. 


11. Brittany

Brittany WordPress Theme

Last on this list is Brittany. It is a gorgeous WordPress theme for lifestyle, fashion, and travel bloggers and writers. You can take advantage of its varied customization features, from layouts to fonts to colors that you can use on your page. Also, it includes content discovery features and custom widgets that will link to social media posts.



In conclusion, you have several options to choose from if you want to create your blog or website. The items listed above are some of the themes and platforms that you can use. However, you can also take inspiration from the best minimalist blogs found online. Whatever you choose, you must ensure you like the outcome.


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