5 Tips to Ace Your Productivity as a WordPress Blogger

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Tips to Ace your Productivity as a WordPress Blogger

Being a website owner you might want to ace your productivity as a WordPress blogger. Considering your previous requests we have come up with 5 tips to do it. Go through the article, learn new tips and implement it on our website to make your website even better.

Whether you are a seasoned blogger or a newbie, WordPress makes an ideal platform for running your blog. It offers a broad range of tools and plugins to help you with everyday tasks. But blogging itself is a high-pressure task, and your productivity may take a hit more often than you imagine. You may feel drained and stressed in such situations. Fortunately, you can deal with productivity killers with a good understanding of the platform and common sense. Here are some tips that can help you ace your productivity as a WordPress blogger.

Ace your Productivity as a WordPress Blogger

1. Eliminate distractions

The smallest distractions can make life daunting for busy bloggers. Steering clear of them is vital if you want to be your productive best. Understand your triggers and make conscious efforts to avoid them. For example, you can keep your phone out of sight or disable apps that eat up your time. Avoid checking social media during work hours. Create a dedicated workspace where you can slog without disturbance. 

2. Schedule your blog posts

If you struggle with time management, it is a good idea to use the built-in WordPress scheduler. You can write posts when possible and queue them up for publishing later. With a scheduler, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to publish. Take advantage of the feature, and you can get loads of pressure off your shoulders. Work when you feel productive, and let this tool do the rest!

3. Keep your computer clean and clutter-free

Your productivity can also take a hit if you work on a slow and cluttered device. It hinders searches while you write, and your WordPress experience may suffer as well. Check your Mac storage often and purge the redundant files and documents. Declutter the desktop and pay attention to the other storage. You can follow the steps here to free up the other storage. Once you implement these steps, you will have a fast device that does not frustrate you or slow down your blogging tasks. 

4. Learn the keyboard shortcuts

Bloggers need to type a lot, and it makes sense to speed up and improve their typing skills. Fortunately, your Mac can set you up for success as it offers a broad range of keyboard shortcuts to help. You can memorize them easily over time. The best part is that you even have the option to create custom shortcuts depending on your needs and usage. You can even use some shortcuts within WordPress, so go ahead and utilize them to your advantage. 

5. Plan and organize

The final piece of advice for WordPress bloggers who want to go the extra mile with productivity is to plan and organize their tasks. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the workload when you have to find articles ideas, write blog posts, check emails, and manage your blog. Planning and organizing tasks can keep you on track and cut down the pressure. You can do it on paper or use a tool.

Productivity fails happen to bloggers, but they are easy to avoid if you take the right approach to work. Leverage what the platform offers, manage your tasks creatively, and stay ahead with planning. That’s all you need to do to stay productive and stress-free! 


We hope you were able to learn the best tips to ace your productivity as a WordPress blogger. If you have any confusion clear it out in the comment section below.

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