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5 Whys to Choose WordPress for Your Website

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5 Whys to Choose WordPress for Your Website

Being a WordPress Beginner you might be confused over ‘Why you should choose WordPress for your website?‘ To make it easier for you, we have mentioned 5 amazing reasons in this article. These reasons will help you to clarify why you need to choose WordPress over other Content Management systems.

Across history, people have searched for new avenues to present their opinions, sell their products, or just communicate. The internet is a culmination of this process, becoming the largest dais, marketplace, and meeting point ever developed. 

But there’s an issue. Any web content creator who wants people to take their website seriously, needs first-rate content, a dash of unique style, and the technology that binds everything. The initial two aspects require extensive work. The third element – the technical web systems that power a good site – are a lot more difficult to build on your own. If you overlook that, your site will be a broken mess of pages that no one will love.

This is where the widely popular web publishing tool called WordPress comes in. WordPress presents you with a basic deal. You provide the material while WordPress takes care of the rest.

What is WordPress?

Choose WordPress for Your Website.

As you have probably realized, WordPress isn’t just your run-of-the-mill tool to develop web pages. Anyone can develop a webpage – all you need to know is a bit of HTML and CSS (languages used to write and develop webpages). Meet these requirements, and you have a static website – a page that looks nice enough but won’t actually do anything.

Choose WordPress for Your Website

With WordPress, you gain a whole set of advantages. The tools provide a free software application, enabling you to quickly develop a quality website. The flexibility of WordPress makes it the best tool for anyone from a casual developer with limited technical capacity, to the experienced user aiming to develop a sophisticated custom website.

WordPress offers developers opportunities to develop, edit, manage and publish material on their page with minimal programming knowledge. While most feel WordPress is associated only with blogging, you can also use the tools to develop business sites, e-commerce platforms, professional pages, and many more.

1. All about the money

For most people, you might want to pay as little as possible for the most functionality and features. With WordPress, the starting cost is free, although different enhancements will cost you money. Usually, creating a self-hosted site costs between $2,000 and $25,000 to hire the web developers, who will create your custom HTML-based site. Also, add the hosting and maintenance fees, which could be between $5-$10 per month. If you’re running a business, you could end up allocating all your marketing budget to developing the website.

If you’re a beginner trying to build a website for your startup, WordPress is an affordable, easy-to-set-up option that requires minimal developer skills. There are also various versions of the website, including the basic account, or the fee-based Premium or Website account that offer some extras worth considering, especially if you’re developing a web presence for your business. 

2. Access to any Website Type

As earlier stated, WordPress isn’t just a tool to create blogs. WordPress provides multiple types of web pages that are reasonably sophisticated, especially if you don’t have a team of web developers at your beck and call. That said, some types of WordPress websites need more work than others. The most common type is blogs, which are wildly popular sites that consist of posts reflecting the author’s viewpoints on various topics.

WordPress also makes a great home for news sites, web magazines, and textbooks to provide more polished writing. A key feature of WordPress is the capacity for multiple authors to work together, each creating material and managing the site. 

You can also find catalogs on WordPress since the tools are suited to websites that provide a variety of organized content. For example, if you’re a new or established cook, you can create a huge archive of ready-to-make recipes. You could also present classified ads, movie reviews, restaurant critiques, and other products. 

3. Thousands of Themes at Your Disposal

Choose WordPress for Your Website..

One of the great reasons why creators love WordPress is that the tools offer access to a diverse range of beautiful Free and Premium WordPress Themes to develop any kind of website you need.

For instance, if you would like to create a niche website, like a page for a restaurant or a beauty shop. WordPress provides you with a restaurant WordPress theme or a healthcare-based WordPress theme to create the page, starting with a quick Google search. Themes are the key to one of the website’s most impressive tools, allowing you to generate web pages dynamically by pulling content from a database and building it into just the right page for you.  

4. Endless Support and Updates

As we said earlier, WordPress cuts out the middlemen. Maintaining the website is a lot of work as you must keep the page up to the latest standards, optimize for various devices, and ensure security. WordPress provides an open-source platform where millions of creators receive support from experts.

Also, WordPress creators release at least three significant upgrades for the CMS annually, meaning your site will get updated automatically. All these are free and easily accessible, so ensure you continuously check your WordPress version. 

5. Efficient Content Management 

Once you have selected your type and themes, WordPress provides a time-saving and functional platform where any user can manage their content. The WordPress dashboard contains numerous functions, such as uploading multimedia material via the drag-and-drop interface, developing a gallery of your pictures, creating a schedule to publish posts, or if you wish to add stylish widgets to your sidebar. None of these will require any programming skills. 

Wrapping Up:

Before you hire an expensive designer for your site and dispose of your hard-earned money. Go through WordPress and see how effective the tools are. Especially for beginners.

While WordPress offers a great platform to blog, you can create a functional website for your small business, magazine, or even information-sharing page. The themes are even more exemplary. They are tailored for numerous topics and can have a profound effect on the way your page will look.

Most of this is free, flexible, and easy to use, so there should be no harm in exploring. WordPress is your way out to create a professional website, and if you have problems with content, entrust this issue to a writing service, like, which offers help with the writing of different kinds.

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