7 Tech Tools to Help You Sell Your Home Faster

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In the past, people drove around looking for homes for sale and visited the ones that looked more likely to satisfy their desires. Currently, the real estate industry has become more competitive, and it’s up to sellers to find ways to speed up the process and find a buyer in the quickest way possible. Listing homes online is among the best methods sellers have adopted to try and reach a wider audience. However, a large number of these sellers lack the right tools to market their property in a better way. Read on to learn more about the innovative tech tools that will set your home apart from hundreds of others in the listing.

High-Quality Cameras

In the recent past, a few snapshots from a cell-phone camera were all it took to sell your house online. Times have so far changed, and the younger generation wants vivid images that will show the nitty-gritty details of a house. As such, you need to ensure that only the best pictures of your house have been used in your listing. If you cannot capture the images yourself, hire a professional photographer to take the photos.


Location is an extremely crucial factor that potential home buyers consider when looking to buy a home, and this is where drones come in handy. These devices will give potential buyers a detailed visual of your property and its surrounding. Whether your home is located near the beach, a golf course, or vital amenities like a fire station or hospital, a drone will help you showcase the entire neighbourhood. Besides, drones will help you show people the integral parts and unique features of your house. These may include the roof, garden, water fountain, or swimming pool. As such, you need to ensure that the agent who’s selling your house online uses videos to advertise your home.

3D Technology

If potential buyers find the images or videos interesting, they will want to have an idea of how your home is laid out. As such, they will need you to show them your home’s floor plan. Most buyers use the floor plan to decorate and furnish the house. You can do this using a bank of 3D furniture as this will help people see the interior design possibilities. Some want to know what renovation would look like while others want to see if their furniture will fit in that house.

This technology will also help you give prospective buyers a virtual visit of your home by creating videos with music playing in the background and 3D images of people enjoying the amenities and features of the property. In doing so, you will make them have a feel of what it would be like to live in the property you are looking to sell.

Mobile Apps

In a world full of busy people, prospective buyers yearn for an easy and convenient method of looking at listings, checking out images, and looking up details of a property. This is where mobile apps come in. They ensure that prospective buyers have what they need at hand. Ideally, you need to ensure that all the information you provide about your house, including videos and photos, is mobile-friendly. Mobile apps also come in handy as they offer potential buyers with real-time updates on your house.

Social Media Platforms

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide a better way of reaching a wider audience. It’s no wonder they are filled with adverts of homes on sale. Besides, potential home buyers, especially the younger generation, use social media intensively, which makes the platforms extremely valuable for any home seller looking to make a quick sale.

Artificial Intelligence and Smart Gadgets

When you want to sell house online, you will encounter people with different views on how to buy a property. Some will want to physically visit and inspect it to get whatever information they need first-hand. As such, it would be a great idea to install intelligent gadgets like Alexa with voice-activated Q&A to help you answer vital questions that your visitors may ask. These gadgets can especially come in handy when there are many visitors in your house.

You may also install smart gadgets like locks, thermostats, video-enabled intercom, and irrigation controller. These and other gadgets will make your home more attractive to potential buyers and will help you land a client in no time.

Electronic Documents

Gone are the days when people had to plan long trips over and over again to purchase a house thanks to electronic documents that allow buyers to view and sign them via phone apps. From the very moment you decide to sell your property, it’s advisable to hatch a plan and ensure that the buying process becomes seamless as it will attract clientele base of buyers from far off distances.


With the above tech tools, you can have your property displayed to more buyers and increase your chances of selling it mores hastily. These tools also offer a compelling method of persuading potential buyers to buy your property.



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