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YouTube is to become more interactive. Google has currently adapted a new feature that displays words to match the location in the video. Google probably looked the concept at on a music streaming service. However, the “Time Beta” is not yet available to all users.

YouTube: Comments timed to match the video

YouTube’s comments section is not yet known for its exceptional quality in the discussion. This is unlikely to change in the future if Google introduces the feature called “Time Beta” not only as a small test but worldwide. Here, comments are no longer placed under the video but appear in time to match the respective commented passage in the YouTube video.

Users still choose whether they want to make a traditional comment or refer to a specific time in the video. In the latter case, the commentary will only appear if the video has reached the appropriate location. The commentary is visible for a short time and then disappears again.

If you know the feature, you’re probably more likely to be on the go with the music streaming service SoundCloud. The comments, which are tied to time, have been around for years. Users can use their comments to refer to small excerpts of a song or podcast.

YouTube: “Time Beta” for only a few users

According to Google’s official announcement, the “Time Beta” is only visible to a few users at launch. On the desktop, Youtube will also introduce the time comments later. It starts with mobile users of YouTube’s Android and iOS apps.

Google has not yet Mentioned when it will unlock the feature for all users. As is customary with YouTube experiments, the company could also opt-out of a worldwide rollout after the test.



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