Apple has reportedly already started the production of its M2 processors. : TechMoran

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This SoC would be almost identical to the M1 but more potent to power machines like the next MacBook Pro.

While the transition from Macs to ARM architecture is in full swing, especially with the introduction of the latest iMac. Apple is already preparing the next generation of its processors.

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New MacBook Pro M2 looms in the second half of the year
According to Nikkei daily, the production of the new component made by Apple began this month. It could be called the “M2” and the “M1X” as it resembles the previous SoC produced by the brand.

This new processor would still be produced by TSMC and would again benefit from a delicate 5 nm engraving. However, the subcontractor would use a new engraving process, the “5 nm,” which would help to improve its performance.

The M2 chip, logically more potent than the previous model, could power more powerful machines like the next 16-inch MacBook Pro and a 32-inch iMac for business users.

The first delivery of these new SoCs is scheduled for July, suggesting one or more new products incorporating the M2 chip by the second half of 2021.



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