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With the impending iOS 15, Apple Plans will profit with a somewhat welcome with a  new feature. The latter will display the current weather alerts on the way.

Weather Alerts for Apple Plans

Through iOS 15, which will be dispatched toward the year’s end, plus the new iPhone, Apple Plans will offer another component, which consists of alarming the driver if there should arise significant weather occasions on their way.

Apple Plans will thus be able to indicate upstream a flood on the road to be taken soon, a hurricane on the way, or a violent thunderstorm to come, for example. The application will immediately take care of proposing alternative routes to avoid the weather risks in question, as is already the case for traffic jams.

This capacity is now functional through Apple Plans under iOS 15 beta 3. However, it isn’t yet known whether it will be held for the American market or additionally accessible somewhere else (in Kenya specifically).


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