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The new iPhone 13 will be about to be unveiled by Apple’s hands. In this way, the Cupertino company has to accelerate the latest preparations for the equipment to arrive flawlessly in the hands of consumers.

So, according to the information, Apple will have ordered more than 100 million A15 Bionic chips from Taiwanese TSMC

Apple brand customers will now look forward to the news Tim cook’s company has already booked for its next product presentation. Among them, the new iPhone 13 is undoubtedly the most anticipated equipment on the market. The next smartphone will bring many surprises and, among the novelties, there is the latest SoC A15 Bionic.

Apple will have ordered more than 100 million A15 Bionic chips

The date of presentation of the iPhone 13 approaches, and everything indicates that orders will be higher than initially expected. In this sense, Apple has to prepare and anticipate ordering enough components so that no one is left empty-handed.

According to the latest data from industry sources, Apple has asked suppliers to increase their components by 20% compared to orders for the iPhone 12. The data revealed also indicate that requests to TSMC also increased. And in this case, the Taiwanese manufacturer will have been ordered more than 100 million chips from the A15 Bionic processor to equip apple’s new smartphone.

But it seems that these chips are intended for the iPhone 13 and will also integrate into other products, such as the iPad mini six expected in late 2021. According to the details already released earlier, Apple’s new SoC will feature the same 6-core design. These will be divided into two high performance and four low power consumption. The processor features will thus decrease power consumption and improve the autonomy of the new iPhone 13.

But in September, we should officially know all the news when the Cupertino company holds its official event.


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