Apple’s switch from premium to affordable

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In case you haven’t been paying much attention to what was happening in the tech world, it appears that we’re in store for some major changes in the near future. The changes are still so subtle that you could be an avid tech geek and you could still be in the dark. Nevertheless, they are still here and while we can only speculate what the exact outcome is going to be, something will be different for sure. For starters, the first thing that would come to anyone’s mind when they read the title is the new iPhone SE. While that is not everything that is happening, it still is one of the bigger and more obvious things.

The fact that Apple came out with a particularly affordable (some would even say a cheap) new smartphone is more than enough to ring a bell or two. On the one hand, that is a perfectly viable business move. They took all the bits and pieces they had left from previous models and, fully utilizing the streamlined process of production managed to drastically cut down costs for a device that, at the end of the day, still radiates quality and has that premium feel. You can get a brand new, powerful iPhone for as low as $400, all together with an Apple logo on the back. Now, of course, that piece of hardware is not even close to their flagship devices in many aspects but it still allows you to do the majority of stuff that those are able to. While the build looks outdated, with large notches, no FaceID, a smaller screen, one camera, and so on, the phone comes with the latest and most powerful processor. Playing JerkDolls on it would be a breeze. Not only that, but the device is guaranteed to function properly for years to come, and, in an increasingly consumerist society, where we constantly keep buying new tech, that is certainly a different approach.

However, simply wanting to get rid of old parts is surely not the only reason Apple would make an affordable phone. A company that charges thousands for Mac wheels and monitor stands wouldn’t go all that length for no reason. One of the things they might be doing here is trying to make their way inside the Android market. As bitter rivals, taking a bigger slice of that pie is always a good thing for either side. After all, you can play cartoon games on any device. It all comes down to preferences. Another big thing that people started speculating recently is that Apple is going to turn its business towards providing services. Once we buy a piece of equipment of high quality, without having to change it for years to come, we have no reason to buy something different and give that company more money. That’s why they’ll switch to various services that come with a monthly subscription and focus on giving you the best experience.



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