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Avada vs The 7 Theme Comparison 2021

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Avada vs The7 Theme Comparison 2021

Are you thinking of taking your website to the next level by using a premium WordPress theme? Do you want to build a strong website to create a great impression among your visitors? What are the themes that come to your mind? If we had to answer that, we would select the best premium WordPress theme for our website. Now, when we say the best, we make a comparison among the top-rated themes to configure which will be a perfect suit for my website. This article is to help you select among the best two premium WordPress themes Avada and The7

Now, let’s begin Avada vs The 7 Theme comparison so that you will be able to decide which of these Multipurpose WordPress Themes will be best for your website. Make sure to go through the entire article in order to make the best choice! 

Both Avada and The 7 are one of the best selling themes on the ThemeForest Marketplace for many years continuously. One of the main reasons is their multi-dimensional features that fit almost every niche needs. A niche-specific theme leads you to hire a developer which makes you pay extra fees in the long run but that’s not the case when you make a decision to purchase any of these versatile themes.  

As they are Multipurpose WordPress Themes, they provide a variety of demos, styles and customization options that allows you to create a professional, beautiful and simple website without any restrictions. 

Before beginning the comparison, let’s take a look at both of the theme’s descriptions and its features: 

Avada vs The 7 Theme Comparison

Avada has been the number one selling Multipurpose WordPress Theme for 7+ years. 700,000+ professionals, beginners, business owners, agencies, creatives and much more trust this theme to design and build a successful website. Choosing Avada is not only a mindset but an actual requirement if you want to stand out among your competitors when creating your website. 

The Avada website builder has the most intuitive website building experience that follows strict WordPress, PHP and accessibility standards. The best part about this theme is that you can design anything and everything without even a single line of code. 

Drag and Drop visual editor, Header Builder, Layout Builder and Footer Builder have enabled this theme to have a flexible Advanced Options Network. You can design and create unlimited layouts for your website’s project efficiently with its fast speed. 

This theme is always ahead of the curve, that guarantees you to move your project forward with the knowledge that you have. The support team is accessible 24/7 to help you do your job passionately without any hassle. It has 23,000+ average 5-star reviews. It costs $60.00

Major Features of Avada are listed below: 

  • Provides dozens of professional demos that can be imported with a click of a button
  • Includes 60 Layered PSDs of the original Avada Classic Design
  • 50+ Main and sub-theme option panels loaded with powerful customization options
  • Full control over site width; content area and sidebars
  • Cross-Browser Compatible: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE9, IE10, IE11
  • Child Theme Compatible: Includes a basic child theme
  • Strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience
  • Adherence to strict WordPress and PHP coding standards
  • Performance enhancements for fast, reliable, quality website
  • Compatible with latest versions of third party integrated plugins

Details/Download          Demo

Avada vs The 7 Theme Comparison.

The 7 is one of the most customizable Multipurpose WordPress Themes that features full and seamless integration with Ultimate Addons and WPBakery Page Builder. This theme has had 2,38,000+ happy customers over the past few years. 1000+ unique theme options will enable you to craft any imaginable design that you want for your website.

It comes with 40 Ready-made websites, 6 basic header layouts, 4 mobile header layouts, 230+ Settings for pages/posts/projects, includes 6 powerful premium plugins, 4 different slideshows and 25 versatile designs that are out of the box. Also, it includes dynamic colours & content, forms & popup builders. The demos of this theme are built with Elementor. 

Moreover, The 7 themes and all the plugins bundled with it are mobile friendlies (certified by Google), SEO and GDPR ready. As a bonus, you can also get access to an ever-growing library of premium Revolution Sliders and Visual Composer templates. 

This theme takes care of installing all required plugins, contents and sliders automatically. Free lifetime updates are accessible from a single interface. You can also get professional support and extensive documentation if required. Moreover, it has 8,000+ average 5-star ratings. It costs $39.00

Major Features of The 7 are listed below: 

  • The Design Wizard makes it easier for everyone to handle the customization opinions
  • Makes your website look sharp and utilises 100% of screen estate on every device
  • Enables you to create almost any design style that you like
  • Add a background image, page title and breadcrumbs to each page/post/project individually
  • The7’s HTML5 code meets all the best SEO practices
  • Provides plenty of Blog, Portfolio and Gallery Layouts
  • Dedicated post types for portfolio, testimonials, team, logo, benefits and photo albums
  • A unique page template that can be used for landing pages, page site, blank pages and site-in-site
  • Extensive documentation and Premium Class Support for free
  • The7 comes bundled with  Slider Revolution, The7 Elements and Photo Scroller 

Details/ Download          Demo

Pros of Using Avada 

Here we present you the advantages of using Avada Multipurpose WordPress Theme: 

1. Advanced Theme Options

Avada vs The 7 Theme Comparison.

Avada’s powerful theme option is one of the reasons that make this theme one of the most popular products in the WordPress Community. 

The robust theme option enables you to set global styles for colours, fonts, uploading logos, styling sidebars, making changes in topography and much more. Moreover, if you don’t like any of the existing options you can make changes to the detailed setting options as per your own requirements. 

2. Create, Save and Reuse Templates

Avada vs The 7 Theme Comparison.

The Fusion Builder Library allows you to create complete page layouts, individual elements and containers which can also be inserted again and again whenever you want. 

This will minimize the time you take while recurring the call-to-action elements or the structure of the page. So, create a web page quickly through its drag and drop functionality. 

There are over 60+ elements along with 200+ custom options that can be used with the Fusion Builder. 

3. Easy Installation

Avada vs The 7 Theme Comparison.

Whether it’s for beginners or professionals, installing Avada is really easy. You can upload and install the theme files “” and “” in the WordPress Dashboard under the Themes option. 

Not only that various demo pages and 60+ fully demo setups can be installed easily with one click. Also, you can modify the CSS file of the child theme if necessary. 

After activating the Avada Child Theme you can activate the additional required plugins Fusion Builder and Fusion Core from the area of included plugins. 

4. SEO Friendly 

Avada WordPress Theme is modern and frequently updated considering the needs of the users. It is created and designed with the best SEO practices. Due to this reason, the search engines will be able to index your website content without putting any negative ranking issues. 

In fact, it allows the integration of most used SEO plugins like All In One SEO Pack, Yoast SEO and much more. These plugins will let you know about each page and post SEO friendliness. 

As every issue can be overlooked and corrected the website will not be overloaded to such an extent that the website page becomes slow to load. Due to its SEO Friendly nature, you can make an impressive ranking difference then your competitors and make your website stand out. 

Cons of Using Avada:

Here we present you the disadvantages of using Avada Multipurpose WordPress Theme: 

1. Shortcodes Mess

Avada might not be a good option when it comes to switching to another theme. In fact, when you switch from Avada to any other WordPress theme it will leave a shortcode mess behind. 

Be careful to start using Avada Multipurpose WordPress Theme if you aim to use it forever. Otherwise, all the pages and posts created with this theme needs to be recreated with a different theme or page builder plugin. 

2. Large Size and Complicated to Use

Avada includes different powerful plugins to give users everything they need. But a large number of plugins, number of files makes the overall theme size large which can actually harm the speed of your website. Be sure to remove everything that’s unnecessary for your website. 

Similarly, this theme provides you with plenty of features, some of which might be difficult for the users to understand. This usually leads them to make wrong decisions. However, this problem can be solved if you reach out to the support team or read the theme’s detailed documentation. 

Pros of Using The7 

Here we present you the advantages of using The7 Multipurpose WordPress Theme: 

1. Design Wizard

Avada vs The 7 Theme Comparison.

The Design Wizard enables its users to build boutique-quality designs within a couple of seconds. All you need to do is manage few clicks. The method of configuring the website’s theme is analyzed automatically through the wizard. 

The excellent decision to proceed up with a professional-grade design is determined in the most suitable way. Design Wizard determines and delivers values automatically for both WordPress beginners and professionals. 

2. Super Responsive and Retina Ready

The7 Multipurpose WordPress theme is super responsive and retina-ready which enables your website to see clear, simple and professional all at the same time. 

This theme comes with three individually customizable display modes. They are Desktop, Smart Phones and Tablet. You can also use the responsive typography option that is added under the theme options. 

3. Import Functions

Avada vs The 7 Theme Comparison.

The import function enables you to install the website’s demos along with complete images and slides without any hassle. Also, you can use a few pages of different demos in your own design. 

Additionally, using The7 Multipurpose WordPress Theme you will be able to import a single page of a demo directly through the URL specified. Even some of the most powerful and popular themes don’t have this feature. But, with The7 you can use this function as well. 

4. Provide Different Skins for Each Design Style 

Users can customize their design style as per their requirements. You can also use the twenty built-in different skins with each design. This actually means that each design can have twenty different colours and layouts that you can select out of the box. 

Cons of Using The7 

Here we present you the disadvantages of using The7 Multipurpose WordPress Theme: 

1. Comparatively Expensive 

It’s true that The7 is an amazing theme and provides almost everything that you need to build a completely professional website. But a lot of users claim that this theme is expensive for them. 

A matter of fact is that even the developers cannot provide these awesome features without investing in anything. They too need to use different premium plugins while developing these awesome features. But, still many users are not being able to use it due to its price. 

2. Complicated to Use

This Multipurpose WordPress Theme provides plenty of features and customization options. But, the fact is that WordPress and WooCommerce beginners might find it difficult to understand them and use them properly. 

Hence, due to this reason, many users end up using features that are not even necessary for their WordPress website. Anyways if you consult with the Support Team and read the detailed documentation, you can find a solution to this problem. 

User Reveiw of Avada WordPress Theme

Avada vs The 7 Theme Comparison

User Review of The7 WordPress Theme 

Avada vs The 7 Theme Comparison.

Similarities Between Avada and The7 

First of all both Avada and The7 themes are Multipurpose WordPress Themes and are the best Selling Themes on ThemeForest. Both the themes have a large library of beautiful layouts that has one-click installation. 

Avada and The7 have Custom CSS, Custom Fonts, Custom Javascript, Plenty Number of Demos, Import/Export Settings, Landing Page, Mega Menu, Page Builder, Social Media Follow Buttons, Sticky Sidebar, Video Tutorials, WooCommerce Support, Top Bar, RTL and much more. 

Customers have rated five stars to both Avada and The7 WordPress Themes. You don’t need to pay any renewal fee while using both of these themes. Once you purchase these themes, you don’t need to pay again and again. 

Developers of Avada and The 7 themes update these themes after analyzing the current market and customers need. They are updated every once in a while so you don’t need to fear lagging behind your competitors. 

Dissimilarities Between Avada and The7 

While talking about compatibility, The7 is not compatible with the BuddyPress plugin that allows you to create a social network for your niche just with WordPress Installation whereas Avada is compatible with the BuddyPress WordPress plugin. 

The page loading speed of Avada is 1.7 seconds whereas the page loading speed of The7 is 2.2 seconds. As the speed of Avada is better than The7 the users who are concerned about SEO and overall performance might want to choose Avada. 

The7 offers a money-back guarantee if the theme is broken, flawed or fails to fix the problem in a reasonable period of time. But, Avada doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee.

Avada is comparatively more expensive than The7 as Avada costs $60.00 whereas The7 costs $39.00.  

Generally, we would suggest not to choose the theme based on their popularity, instead observe their features and choose the one that fits your websites need. But, if you are the one who cares about popularity Avada is the clear winner. Avada is better because it is one of the oldest and most mature themes in WordPress. The 7 is managing to grow quickly among the WordPress community users. 

Wrapping Up:  

Firstly, it’s great that you have made it till the end of this article. We hope you were able to get a detailed comparison between the Avada and The7 Themes. 

Both these themes have abundant features that will make your website adjust with anything and anyone. Make sure to utilize all the features that are provided to you. You can also design your own website following your imagination!

Moreover, we don’t find it good to address which theme is best as different websites have different requirements. So, we would suggest you analyze and then purchase any of these two themes that include all the features that are required to make your website stand out among your competitors. 

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