Best Free WordPress Sticky Side Tab Plugins (2021 Collection)

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Best Free WordPress Sticky Side Tab Plugins
Best Free WordPress Sticky Side Tab Plugins

Here, in this article, I will talk about some of the Best Free WordPress Sticky Side Tab Plugins that will let you add engaging side tabs on your WordPress website.

A Free WordPress Sticky side tab plugin is the best tools for boosting the user engagement and conversion rate of your WordPress website.

WordPress Offers you numbers of Sticky Side Tab Plugins  that helps to increases the engagement rate. These plugins helps to notify the users about newly released products, offers by adding a Notification Bar. By using these plugin, you can keep  your visitors updated about your site’s recent work with Instagram Feeds and Twitter Feeds. Each plugin adds an extra navigation for boosting your website’s usability and accessibility.

Some of the Best Free WordPress Sticky Side Tab Plugins

Now let’s talk about the Best Free WordPress Sticky Side Tab Plugins that I have handpicked.  All these plugin have quality features and functionality to add responsive side tabs on your WordPress website.

WP Sticky

WP Sticky

WP Sticky is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create unlimited sticky elements with the entire procedure completed in only a few clicks. That’s allowed by the visual picker which simplifies the process since you can pick everything right off the screen with not a single line of code required. You can make any section of your website sticky, such as a sticky header, sticky menu, video, widget, social media buttons, or anything else you’d prefer.

Major Features of WP Sticky:

  • Any element can stick
  • Everything is picked of the screen
  • Adjustability for different screen sizes
  • Restriction on certain posts, pages, categories, etc.
  • Scroll range adjustability
  • Effects of the sticky element
  • Opacity is customizable
  • Push-up element

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Easy Side Tab

Easy Side Tab

Easy Side Tab is a Free Side Tab plugin that includes 2 beautiful pre-designed templates. It gives you the option to open the link on the same tab or in new tab for tab links and set the tab position to absolute while scrolling the page. Also, by using this plugin you can display your Side Tab however you like and configure it to the most, with this plugin

Major Features of Easy Side Tab:

  • 2 pre-designed templates to choose
  • Choose custom colors for your tab
  • Tab link options – internal pages link, external custom link
  • Add your custom content to tab content
  • Enable or disable side tab
  • Enable or disable side tab for mobile devices
  • Can show the tab only on the homepage or all page
  • Option to display tab to the left or right position

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Simple Side Tab

Simple Side Tab

Simple Side Tab is a responsive plugin that allows you to adds a vertical tab to the left or right side of the browser window that links to any page. The plugin works great on Mobile and the tab stays in place as your visitor scrolls down the page so it’s always visible and ready for action.

Major Features of Simple Side Tab:

  • Set the text for the tab
  • Choose fonts – includes 7 standard screen fonts
  • Set the URL your tab links to, internal or external
  • Assign the tab to the left or right side of browser window
  • Change vertical position of your tab
  • Unlimited colors for tab elements
  • All CSS, no graphics
  • Filter added to modify output of tab text

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Floating Button

Floating Button

Floating Button is the free WordPress plugin. It is suitable for creating the original sticky floating actions buttons. The plugin allows you to install on the site floating buttons with unique thematic icons and it is effective solution for increasing the recognition of your web resource. Also, it helps to configure user-friendly navigation and place useful information.

Major Features of Floating Button:

  • 2 sub-menu
  • More than 1200+ Font Awesome icons
  • Any links insertion
  • Using the tool tips to provide more information
  • Round buttons shape
  • Log In link
  • Log Out link
  • Lost password link

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WP Sticky Sidebar 

WP Sticky Sidebar helps to make your floating sidebar menu visible at all times, making it permanently visible while scrolling. It helps to fix sidebar menu and make it always be visible, which will increase your website’s usability and accessibility. This plugin helps your visitors find page they were looking for and reduce bounce rate.

Major Features of WP Sticky Sidebar:

  • Floating sidebar menu will help your visitors navigate easily through your site
  • Super easy to install, usually will work out of the box
  • Sticky Sidebar Class
  • Additional Top Margin
  • Additional Bottom Margin: An additional bottom margin in pixels to your floating sidebar
  • Disable sidebar stickiness if screen width is smaller than: this feature will prevent the appearance of the sticky sidebar
  • Update floating sidebar menu height
  • Container Class

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Wrapping Up

Here, I’ve tried to mention some of the Best Free WordPress Sticky Side Tab Plugins that are handpicked carefully and are well tested.

Have any queries or suggestions related to the plugins then feel free to comment us below.

Or have used these plugins already then share us your experience which will be very helpful for the newbies.

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