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Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress

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Best Quiz Plugins for WordPressDo you want to get one of the Best Quiz Plugins for your WordPress website?

These days many websites ask quizzes to their users for active engagement, interaction, fun or to refresh them. An online quiz can also be considered a great way to grow your email list and increase social shares. 

All you need to do is to make up some interesting questions that will be suitable for the visitors of your site. Then different Quiz Plugins available for WordPress will automatically collect answers and provides results. This might turn out to be an interesting task. 

Almost every website owner wants their visitors to get engaged in their website for a longer period of time. Asking quizzes can really make your visitors, users, customers stay and help you to achieve your goals. You can also know about their preferences and choices which will enable you to provide whatever they desire!

Features to Look for in a WordPress Quiz Plugin

Before getting to know about the plugins in detail, let’s know what features will let you make more engaging Quizs for your WordPress website:

  1. Compatibility: None of the features will be useful if your WordPress plugin is not compatible with your website. Thereby, be very careful while checking the compatibility of your plugin. 
  2. Functionality: When you choose one of the best Quiz Plugins for WordPress be sure that it provides you with unlimited quizzes options. It should be able to use text, images and videos in both questions and answers to make the quiz more interactive and engaging. 
  3. Updates: Make sure to choose plugins that are updated on regular basis considering the needs of their users. In this way, you can have extra features and make your Quiz a lot more advanced than your competitors. 

Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress 2021

In this article, we have listed all of the best Quiz Plugins for WordPress. Use these plugins to design more engaging quizzes for your website. 

Don’t just go on reviews, ratings and sales. Be smart and choose a plugin that will meet all of your needs and requirements. 

1. WordPress Viral Quiz

WP Viral Quiz Plugin

WordPress Viral Quiz is the most popular WordPress quiz plugin on Codecanyon. It will help you to engage your visitors with Personality and Trivia Quiz. This plugin is fully responsive on iOS, Android and even on Windows Phone. The powerful marketing tools will let you catch a ton of emails and display more ads. If you don’t like the quiz format or settings you can also create your own demo quiz. It is suitable for both WordPress Beginners and enthusiasts as it is very simple to use and has a lot of customization options. 

This plugin also enables you to use Google Analytics to track players and count shares on social media. You don’t need to worry while choosing this plugin as it works well on every theme. Export the quiz and import the quizzes that are created by other users. Additionally, you can also create multi-pages quizzes if you want. Right now this plugin is available in 10 different languages and more to come. 

Main Features of WordPress Viral Quiz: 

  • Save and read all the answers of your players
  • Moreover, create your own CSS theme if you want
  • Enable visitors to share your quizzes in an easy way
  • Add captured emails to Mailchimp/Aweber/Active Campaign lists
  • Lastly, integrate quizzes everywhere with an iframe

Get WordPress Viral Quiz

2. Advisor Quiz

Advisor Quiz WordPress Plugin

Advisor Quiz is one of the best Quiz Plugins for WordPress by cmoreira. This plugin enables you to engage your visitors with beautiful and interesting quizzes and get leads by asking for details before displaying results. It is compatible with WooCommerce, Custom Post Types and Easy Digital Downloads. You can showcase four different types of quizzes: Content Filter, Trivia Quiz, Personality Quiz and Count Quiz. Also, add Custom CSS and JS to your quiz. 

Almost every layout have a set of customization options to make the quizzes that will fit your website in a better way. Each quiz has a unique shortcode that you can use anywhere on your website in order to display the quiz. Moreover, render shortcodes, add HTML content or embed Javascript-based ads. It is ready to be translated. Lastly, suggest posts, pages, custom post types or products based on results. 

Main Features of Advisor Quiz:

  • Edit colour, font, icons and add images as per your wish
  • Simple marketing tools are included in each quiz
  • In fact, it provides 3 layouts: Presentation, Image Grid and Minimal
  • Create questions and answers with images and other information
  • Integrate Ads and Contents while building a quiz

Get Advisor Quiz

3. ARI Stream Quiz 

ARI Stream Quiz WordPress Plugin

ARI Stream Quiz is a powerful WordPress Plugin to create viral quizzes, increase traffic and capture emails. This plugin enables you to collect leads, add more places to show ads, social sharing boost and monetize your content. You can integrate this plugin with ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConstantContact, Drip, GetResponse, Mailchimp, MailerLite and Zapier services. Create an unlimited number of quizzes with any number of questions and answers. 

This plugin supports multiple answers selection for personality and trivia quizzes. Moreover, you can embed quizzes into posts and pages via shortcode or into the IFRAME element. Share the result through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, VKontakt and many more. It contains Buzzfeed and Standard themes that support the ability to add a new theme. Don’t worry even if you are a native English speaker as you can translate this plugin to available languages. 

Main Features of ARI Stream Quiz: 

  • Firstly, you can see statistics for each Quiz
  • Show questions in random order and shuffle answers
  • 100% responsive and works well on all devices
  • Aso, export your results to CSV if you need
  • Option to show several Quizzes on the same page

Get ARI Stream Quiz

4. Viral Quiz Maker

Viral Quiz Maker WordPress Plugin

Viral Quiz Maker is one of the best Quiz Plugins for WordPress by looks_awesome. Despite being designed for entertainment, this plugin also includes a great tool for creating various knowledge tools. This plugin has 5 trending kinds of stories including three different quiz types. It has popular viral formats such as Personality Quiz, Trivia Quiz, List/Ranked Lists, Flip Cards, Checklist and much more coming soon. 

It enables you to create as many categories as you want and adds them as a widget for content filtering. Also, add and customize Mailchimp opt-in form using plugin settings. You can also lock quiz results under the form if you want. This theme is designed to provide the best experience with any well-coded theme. Additionally, customize UI colours to match your site with the theme without any coding. 

Main Features of Viral Quiz Maker: 

  • Firstly, you can display user-defined or randomized questions in order
  • Create as many categories as per the requirements
  • Share Quiz score with friends on popular social networks
  • Mix your stories with Adsense, image banners or custom code ads
  • Display correct answer content after player make choice or keep intrigued

Get Viral Quiz Maker

5. Modal Survey 

Modal Survey WordPress Plugin

Modal Survey is a WordPress Poll, Survey and Quiz Plugin by pantherius. This plugin provides you with an option to hear your visitors requirements and much more things through a beautiful Quiz. Unlimited surveys, questions and answers help you get any information then display it through simple text display formats. It is featured in several popular online magazines. The plugin has a Trivia Quiz that is one of the most popular quiz styles nowadays on social networks. 

The plugin support conditional statements that allows you to display a specific message or redirect the browser to any page based on the survey answer scores. Its questions and answers can be organized into categories, then the chart will display the results based on the category scores. A quiz timer can be set as a general quiz timer or a question timer to make the quiz more interesting. 

Main Features of Modal Survey: 

  • Firstly, you can set start and expiry times for each questionnaire
  • Social sharing with various styles and modes
  • Detailed participants stats with charts
  • Quick plugin update process by manual ZIP updater through WordPress
  • Clean and user-friendly admin interface

Get Modal Survey

6. Ultimate Quiz Plugin for WordPress

Ultimate Quiz Plugin for WordPress

Ultimate Quiz Plugin for WordPress is a full and final quiz solution for WordPress. This awesome plugin enables you to create unlimited quizzes and unlimited questions. The Admin of this plugin can Import/Export quizzes and submissions. Nine different types of quiz questions are supported that includes Fill in the blanks, MCQs, Short/Long answered questions, upload document and much more. Moreover, you can add multiple choices for MCQ type questions and set the correct option with points. 

This plugin supports multiple layouts, allow users to retake a quiz, set a timer to limit end time and much more. Don’t worry even if you are a WordPress Beginners as you can reach out to the Active Support Team if you have any kind of confusion or queries while using this WordPress Plugin. Not only the site owner but users can also view their submitted quizzes and results. 

Main Features of Ultimate Quiz Plugin for WordPress: 

  • Firstly, you can set the MCQ layout in a Vertical or Horizontal way
  • Filter the submitted quizzes on the basis of quiz and user
  • Show limited questions per page and navigate to other pages
  • Enable/Disable attendant to take a quiz again if they attempt any quiz
  • Also, enable guest users to take any quiz by entering their name and email

Get Ultimate Quiz Plugin for WordPress

7. Quizly

Quizly WordPress Plugin

Quizly is one of the most intuitive and powerful Quiz plugins for WordPress by onipack. This plugin enables you to make beautiful, responsive and professional quizzes in minutes, instead of spending hours with the complex interfaces. It has a minimal and modern design that instantly adapts to your WordPress theme. The Drag and Drop Interface enables you to blend into the WordPress UI in a perfect way. Sharing to Facebook and Twitter is possible to capitalize on the viral potential. 

It is optimized for fast page loading and assets (CSS and Javascript) are loaded only where they are needed. You can choose between creating a trivia quiz or set “weight” to each possible answer in order to enable complex scoring systems and build personality or other types of quizzes. This plugin is extremely lightweight as no frameworks are used, just the built-in WordPress functions. 

Main Features of Quizly: 

  • Firstly, it has powerful options that provide unmatched flexibility
  • Export all capture emails to CSV file with a single click
  • Moreover, it follows the WordPress coding conventions
  • Translation Ready (included .POT file)
  • Create funny and interesting quizzes in BuzzFeed style

Get Quizly

Wrapping Up: 

We hope this article helped you to get one of the best Quiz Plugins for WordPress. Be sure to read each and every plugin’s description and feature then choose the one that fits your needs the most. 

If you have used any of these plugins before, then please feel free to share your user experience with us. 

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