Best WooCommerce Custom Product Tab Management Plugins

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Best WooCommerce Custom Product Tab Management Plugins

Do you want to get one of the best WooCommerce Custom Product Tab Management Plugins for your website?

Adding a custom product tab can be helpful for your website customers to know about all of your product’s information in a detailed way. This can make their purchasing decision quicker, easier and better. 

Besides that, custom tabs can also be used to display important information like recent promotions, display offers, additional information about the products, and much more. Moreover, the displaying part of your product will seem more organized and professional. 

Using the WooCommerce Custom Product Tab Management Plugins you can also add Photo Galleries, Shortcodes, FAQ, Video, and Shortcodes. Don’t you worry at all as these plugins will help you to organize information on product pages without much difficulty. 

WooCommerce Custom Product Tab Management Plugins

Once you decide to use Custom Tab Management Plugin, you won’t have to worry about which plugin to choose. Here in this article, we have listed 5+ responsive, well customized, and fully compatible WooCommerce Custom Tab Management Plugins that will fit your requirements. 

Moreover, make sure to go through every single plugin listed in this article and finally choose the one which meets your needs. 

1. TabWoo

TabWoo - Best WooCommerce Custom Product Tab Management Plugins

TabWoo is one of the best WooCommerce plugins to add, customize and design the custom product tabs for your product. You can enhance all of your WooCommerce product pages with responsive customization options and responsive tabs. This plugin will enable you to choose from 20 different attractive templates. Set the default tab layout for all your products. Choose either Horizontal or Vertical orientation and position as per your requirements. 

The plugin lets you add any number of custom product tabs and order them. Additionally, this plugin has 9 inbuilt tab components, responsive accordion tabs, 1000+ font icons, unlimited color options, and much more. In fact, clients can also have different tab layouts for a particular product, override the default layout on product category, product tag, or per product basis to customize tabs for a single product. 

Major Features of TabWoo: 

  • Rename and Re-order the cores of Product tabs
  • Provides Forum and Email Support
  • Enable and/or Disable Icons in the Tab Label
  • Similarly, it is compatible with almost all WooCommerce Themes
  • Add video, photo gallery, FAQ, shortcodes, and downloadable files in a stylish way

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2. WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs

WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs

WooCommerce Custom Product tabs is one of the best plugins by xpertsclub. This plugin allows the shop owners to add and manage custom tabs of different products. The tabs are actually displayed on individual product pages based on the conditions. The tab content areas of this plugin use the standard WordPress text editor. The content areas may also include different shortcodes, text, images, or HTML. You can add delete and rearrange tabs as per your own requirements. 

Even if you are a WordPress beginner you don’t need to worry as the active support team will help you to solve your problem whenever you want. The updates are basically made on the basis of the user’s requirements. This plugin is compatible with almost every useful WooCommerce Themes. Lastly, you don’t need to have any kind of coding experience which makes your work even easier. 

Major Features of WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs:

  • Exclude tabs based on categories and products
  • Assign tabs to individual products
  • Tabs orders is based on the basis of different priorities
  • Include and/or Exclude tabs from a single product page
  • In Fact, products tabs are assigned on the basis of categories

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3. WooCommerce Tabs

WooCommere Ultimate Tabs WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Tabs is one of the best WooCommerce Custom Product Tab Management Plugins by welaunch. This plugin enables you to reorder, rename, disable tabs or create new custom, category or global tabs as per your requirement. You can create custom product tabs for each product individually. Additionally, you can also create tabs that get applied on chosen product categories. 

Choose the best tab from more than 11 tab callbacks for your tabs (e.g. Contact Form 7 forms, Single Products, WYSIWYG Editor, Order Tracking, and more…) You can show single products, products by category, product categories, cart, checkout, order tracking, my account, recent products, featured products, sale products, best selling products, top-rated products, and related products.

Major Features of WooCommerce Tabs: 

  • Reorder/Rename/Disable the WooCommerce Tabs as per your need
  • Easily Set Custom Title, Custom Priority, and Custom Callback
  • Configure the number of columns to be shown
  • Limit the number of products that you want to display
  • Apply Custom Tab for specific product & specific product categories

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4. Elegant Tabs for WooCommerce

Elegant Tabs for WooCommerce

Elegant Tabs for WooCommerce is a number one selling WooCommerce Custom Product Tab Management plugins. This plugin allows you to customize the styles of your product tabs. You can also create and manage custom product tabs that will display additional information about the available products. Choose the best tab style for your website. No matter what style you choose, the price is the same. 

If you don’t want to use the existing design no problem, you can design your own MyAccount page tabs with plenty of numbers of styles and designs. Similarly, you can also add icons from the Elegant Tabs settings. Make a choice whether you want to create custom product tabs and assign them to all products globally or set custom tabs on individual products. 

Major Features of Elegant Tabs for WooCommerce:  

  • Allows you to convert tabs into dropdown on mobile devices
  • Set all available tabs with the same width across the container
  • Added 700 icons with custom icons selector
  • Disable the default WooCommerce Tabs
  • Easy access of tabs on mobile devices due to accordion convert option

Get Elegant Tabs for WooCommerce

5. WooCommerce Product Tab Manager

WooCommerce Product Tab Manager

WooCommerce Product Tab Manager is an awesome WordPress plugin that comes with features to display WooCommerce single product pages with different types of dynamic tabs like shortcodes, map, image gallery video, and much more. Using this plugin you can Enable/Disable WooCommerce default and plugins created additional tabs. Customize the tab position easily using it as per your own requirements. 

The plugin allows you to create tabs for each product, specific product, and specific categories of products. If you have any kind of confusion while using this plugin you can contact the support team instantly. Create a video gallery of YouTube and Video Video in a popup. You can also sort your added videos and images if necessary. This plugin is very easy to use and customize.

Major Features of WooCommerce Product Tab Manager: 

  • Enable/Disable WooCommerce default tabs
  • Set the specific position of the tab as per your need
  • Create a tab for Contact Form, FAQ, Image Gallery, Video Gallery, and Map
  • Simple to use and easy to customize
  • Display shortcode data in tab using shortcode tab

Get WooCommerce Product Tab Manager

6. WooCommerce Custom Tab Manager

WooCommerce Custom Tab Manager

WooCommerce Custom Tab Manager is one of the most responsive WooCommerce Custom Product Tab Management Plugins by CodePassenger. This plugin is a perfect plugin for those who want to customize their tab in WooCommerce Shop’s Single Product Page. It is built with a plugin framework and uses native WordPress Settings API which is highly secured. The plugin guarantees the best support and future updates. 

The Custom Tab Manager option of this plugin enables you to organize the default WooCommerce tab in the easiest and simplest way. You can also add audio, video, image, text content, and accordion for FAQ. It is translation-ready, supports WPML, and uses API Settings. Similarly, this plugin has the ability to handle multiple tabs and hide empty tabs.

Major Features of WooCommerce Custom Tab Manager: 

  • Native WordPress Editor for editing custom content
  • Possibility of using Shortcode
  • Translation Ready (.pot file included)
  • Additionally, it has easy Tab Content Handling
  • Plug and Play Settings Panel

Get WooCommerce Custom Tab Manager

7. Additional Custom Product Tab Plugins

Additional Custom Product Tabs Plugin - Product Tabs Manager

Additional Custom Product Tab Plugins is one of the most powerful WooCommerce Custom Product Tab Management Plugins which enables store owners to add every small detail about a product in a user-friendly way. It allows you to add images, screenshots, videos, reviews, FAQs, and many more in separate tabs. This will help you to increase the conversion rate and reduce the customer bounce-back ratio. Moreover, the updates in this plugin are made according to the demand of users. 

This plugin enables you to replace traditional WooCommerce tabs with responsive horizontal/vertical tabs and accordions. You can match the tabs with store design using a handful of admin options to customize different colors for product manager tabs. In fact, it also has an option for a global tab, the global tab allows you to create tabs that will show on all the products. 

Major Features of Additional Custom Product Tab Plugins:

  • Firstly, it has reordered custom tabs by Drag and Drop and fit your needs
  • Use responsive Horizontal/Vertical tabs and accordions
  • Add multiple tabs to Product Pages
  • Six months support from WebProLead
  • Lastly, it has future Updates and 24/7 Active Support

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Wrapping Up: 

We hope this article helped you to choose one of the best WooCommerce Custom Product Tab Management Plugins. Add, customize, manage and design the tabs of your product as per your own requirements using any of the plugins mentioned above in this article. 

If you have any questions let us know about it in the comments section below. 

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