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Best WordPress WooCommerce Promotional Badge Plugins (2021 Collection)

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Best WordPress WooCommerce Promotional Badge Plugins

One of the most effective and promising ways to increase the number of sales of your products is by adding an attractive promotional badge on them. It tends to grab the attention of your visitors and let them know the latest products of your online shop, best-selling products, trending products, and so on. Moreover, you can also highlight different offers like seasonal discounts, promotional sales, % off, etc on your WooCommerce products that you want to sell the most and enhance their conversions.

If you are a WordPress website user then, you might be familiar with the “SALE!” badge that comes by default on the WooCommerce plugin. However, the label of the badge cannot be edited or configured to display your product’s offer in detail. Also, the customization options provided on the default “SALE!” badge are also limited and you might not be able to display your promotional badge in an attractive way.  So, to display all your offers attractive on your WooCommerce product with custom designs and texts, you might consider using WooCommerce promotional badge plugins available. These plugins come with peak features to design and add beautiful badges for your eCommerce products.

Some of the Best WooCommerce Promotional Badge Plugins for WordPress Online Stores:

Now let’s talk about the most popular and best-selling WooCommerce badge designer plugins available on the market to easily create and manage promotional badges. These plugins have very high sales with tons of positive reviews. Moreover, they contain tons of quality features to build the most attractive badges for the products of your online store.

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Woo Badge Designer is a feature-rich WordPress plugin designed to insert unique and attractive badges on your WooCommerce product listing. These badges special features to highlight various offers, discounts, latest products, trending product,s and so on for adding charm to your products and invite more potential customers to boost their sales.

The plugin comes with 60+ pre-designed badge templates that include 30+ text background templates and 30+ image background templates. You can use these templates to create and add unlimited badges for your WooCommerce product. Additionally, the plugin also contains 10 pre-designed timer templates to set the cooldown timer for your offers.

Major Features of Woo Badge Designer:

  • 60+ Unique Badge Designs
  • Create Unlimited Badges
  • Add Text, Icons, or Both on Badges
  • 10 Pre-designed Timer Templates to Set Countdown Timer on Badge
  • Add Tooltips (Short Information) on Badges
  • Color Customization for Badge Title, Background, Timer, and Tooltips
  • 6 Different Positions to Set the Badges on Products
  • Live Preview to View All the Changes Live

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Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce

Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce is a premium WordPress plugin to add perfect SVG graphic badges. These badges can easily grab the attention of your customers by displaying different types of discounts that you have offered on your WooCommerce products. It will help you get more customers to your product and improve its number of sales.

The plugin is packed with a 30+ unique badge collection that can be used to add awesomely designed badges on your eCommerce products. More than that, the plugin also comes with endless possibilities to customize your badges and make them unique and eye-catchy to your customers. Besides, you can also place a scheduled sale counter to allow your customers to know when the discounts/offers are going to end.

Major Features of Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce

  • 30+ Unique and Awesome Sales Badge Collection
  • Add Sale Percentage and Money Saved on Badges
  • Display Scheduled Sale Counter
  • Override Badges for Each Product
  • Set Different Color Combinations for Badges
  • Set Any Preset to Any Products
  • Unlimited Badge Combinations
  • 3 Different Styling Options to Display Single Badge

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WooCommerce Product Badge Manager

WooCommerce Product Badge Manager is a versatile WordPress plugin that allows you to create and manage an unlimited number of badges and assign them to your WooCommerce products. The badge can be assigned for different categories, attributes, terms, popularity, sales, time, stock, etc to filter the product that you want to promote and improve the sale.

The plugin comes with 15+ different positions to display your badges. These positions are based on multiple conditions to display the badges and along with the live preview option, you can fetch the preview of your badge position before going live. Moreover, the plugin also comes with extendable shortcodes to show the badges on your preferred positions.

Major Features of WooCommerce Product Badge Manager:

  • Create Unlimited Badges
  • Show Badge on Product Catalogue or Single Product
  • 15+ Different Position to Show Badge
  • Add Floating Badge on Top of Product Image
  • Live Preview for Badge Positioning
  • Assign Badges Based on Different Attributes
  • Extendable Badge Shortcode
  • Badge Filter Widget

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WooCommerce Advanced Product Label and Badge Pro

WooCommerce Advanced Product Label and Badge Pro is a flexible WordPress plugin for the badge management of your WooCommerce products. It allows you to set the custom labels on the products of your online store for specific purposes like discounts, sales, etc. The labels can be displayed in 2 different formats i.e. percentage and fixed amount.

It is an easy-to-use plugin that comes with drag and drop modules to add your WooCommerce badges. Additionally, you can view the live preview of your badges before adding them to your products. Moreover, you can add the scheduled label by picking the date for the expiry of the discounts and sales of your WooCommerce products.

Major Features of WooCommerce Advanced Product Label and Badge Pro

  • Create Unlimited Badges
  • Live Preview of Badges
  • Show Badges by Schedule
  • Easy Positioning Label
  • Offer Countdown Label
  • Custom Text or Image Badge
  • Color and Date Picker
  • Predesigned Badge Shape

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WooCommerce Badge Manager

WooCommerce Badge Manager is a premium WordPress plugin to create and manage badges for your online store. It provides you with full control over setting the badges on single, multiple as well as category-wise products. On the badges, you can set different texts, color, margin, rotate badge images, etc to make your badge eye-catching to your users.

It is a highly configurable and customizable plugin packed with different options to customize your Woo badges. Additionally, all the customization and configuration can be viewed on a live preview with the option provided by the plugin. Moreover, you can also add a countdown timer badge to set the offer expiry of your WooCommerce products.

Major Features of WooCommerce Badge Manager:

  • Add Badges on Single, Multiple, and Category Wise Products
  • Option to Add Countdown Timer
  • Fetch the Preview of the Badge Before Adding to Products
  • Set New Badge for Every New Products
  • Set the Badge for Limit of Days on New Product Badge
  • Custom Background Color and Border Radius
  • Custom Height and Width of Badge Image
  • Edit/Delete Any Badges

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Wrapping Up

These are the collection of the best WooCommerce promotional badge designer plugins available for displaying beautiful badges on your product lists. We have collected them after going through all the feature available on the plugins, their reviews and number of sales. Therefore, they are very popular plugins that contain quality features with positive reviews by your users. So, you can purchase any of them to start attractive badges on the products of your eCommerce store.

We hope the collection is helpful for you to find out the best WooCommerce badge management plugins to design and manage awesome badges for WooCommerce products. If you have any queries, suggestions, or recommendation regarding the collection then, you can add the comment on the comment box below. Also, if you think we missed your favourite WooCommerce badge manager plugin then, feel free share it with us.

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