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Best WordPress YouTube Plugins 2021

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YouTube WordPress Plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress YouTube plugins? It’s probably because you are trying to find an effective way to add YouTube videos? In fact, if you don’t want to affect your website speed and performance than installing a WordPress YouTube plugin might be your best solution.

The best part is that most YouTube plugins offer a free subscription, and let you customize your video content layout to attract more visitors. Don’t you worry even if you are a Beginner as a plugin will help you do your job in the right way. Let’s have a look.

Why You Need to Include Videos in Your Website

Before knowing about the plugin let’s know about a couple of benefits that you can get from adding videos to your content:

  • Improve user engagement. According to Forbes, 88% of users spend more time accessing a website with video content. An attractive video can lower your site’s bounce rate too.
  • Enhance website traffic. 84% of marketers reveal that video content brings more visitors to their website. A study also projects that video content will dominate internet traffic by 82% by 2022.
  • Boost SEO. By optimizing your video markup, your website or posts can rank higher on SERPs.

Thankfully, WordPress allows you to include YouTube videos on your website through a straightforward method. You can also upload a video to WordPress without YouTube or from other online video platforms.

Best 4 WordPress YouTube Plugins

Now, let’s get to know the best WordPress YouTube plugins that you can use for your website:

1. WpDevArt YouTube Embed, Playlist and Popup

WP Dev Art - WordPress YouTube Plugin

WpDevArt WordPress YouTube Embed can be your option if you’re looking for a beginner-friendly YouTube plugin. You can effortlessly embed YouTube videos on your posts, pages, and widgets. Plus, add videos to your header and footer area using shortcodes.

It’s compatible with different WordPress versions and popular WordPress themes. The best part is, the plugin offers full customization options.

You can set the progress bar colour for your videos, configure default dimensions, set up autoplay and loop, and customize the fullscreen button. Also, it allows you to show or hide your video information, annotation, and related videos on your website.

This plugin has a free and pro version. The good news is, you only need to pay once for the premium versions, which start at $12.  Plus, you can get additional features, such as creating playlists, displaying videos in popups, and configuring player themes.

2. ARVE (Advanced Responsive Video Embedder)

ARVE - WordPress YouTube Plugin

ARVE (Advanced Responsive Video Embedder) is an SEO-friendly YouTube plugin. It supports video schema markup to help you rank better on search engines. It also allows you to display videos from multiple platforms with iFrame embed codes, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, and TED Talks.

It also supports WYSIWYG, so that you don’t need to deal with any complicated shortcodes when adding videos to your website. You only need to paste a YouTube video URL in a new line of your WordPress post editor. But if you prefer using shortcodes, you can manually insert them as well.

ARVE provides the Embed Video button above your post editor. From there, you can add your video title, description, and upload date. You can also select a thumbnail for your video, set up autoplay, configure its maximal width and aspect ratio.

The base plugin is free to download. But, if you want to upgrade to the premium plans, it offers Pro (starting at €35/year), and Lifetime (€500). You will get extra features such as lazyload mode, three hover styles, two play icons, and a lightbox. Plus, you can disable YouTube links and related videos to prevent visitors from leaving your website.

3. Embed Plus for YouTube

Embed Plus for YouTube - WordPress YouTube Plugin

Embed Plus for YouTube is a feature-rich plugin that is compatible with Gutenberg and Classic Post editor. It provides a responsive channel and playlist gallery, equipped with a table of contents, multiple layout options, and thumbnail customization.

The plugin also allows you to embed YouTube Live Stream on your website. You can display other content when your live stream video is not active. It supports video markup to boost your video ranking on search engines too.

Another feature from Embed Plus is basic and advanced stats on the WordPress Dashboard. You can check the number of times your video is played each day, preview its daily impressions, or compare its performance with competitor videos.

This plugin offers a free and Pro version. As for the pricing, the paid plan requires a one-time payment, which starts at $19.99. It includes video caching, advanced gallery customization, mobile compatibility check, plus deleted video and blocked country alerts.

4. Elfsight YouTube Gallery

Elfsight - WordPress YouTube Plugin

Elfsight YouTube Gallery or Yottie is another fully-featured Best WordPress YouTube Plugins with complete customization options. You can download hundreds of adjustable parameters, use multiple colour schemes, adjust the widget width, and set up rows and columns for your content grid. It also offers navigable video content for your website, equipped with a search box and various navigation controls, i.e., pagination, drag, arrows, and scroll.

This plugin allows you to shape a video preview into your liking. There are three preview layouts you can choose ‒ cinema, classic, and horizontal. Plus, you have an option to show or hide some elements when your video is played, such as title, description, duration, and views counter. Additionally, it lets you monetise your video by linking it to your AdSense account.

For your YouTube Gallery header, Yottie provides three design options: accent, classic, and minimal. Also, you can choose what information to display on the header. As for adding YouTube videos, channels, or playlists to your website, you only need to insert the widget code to your content or template.

This plugin offers a free version that you can use for a single website. For multiple sites, you can subscribe to its premium plans starting at $5/month.

Wrapping Up

A WordPress YouTube plugin is a perfect option to display stunning videos on your website. It also has all the features you need to improve your video SEO. Plus, it ensures that all the videos you upload won’t affect your site speed and performance.

Hope this article can help you find the best WordPress YouTube plugins for your website. If you have something to discuss, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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