Best Writing WordPress Plugins to Create Impressive Content

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Best Writing WordPress Plugins to Create Impressive Content

Do you want to get one of the best Writing WordPress Plugins for your website?

Most of the time, it will take so much effort to create the website you envision. If you do not have a background in web designing or content creation, you might find yourself struggling with everything you have to accomplish. Then, because of frustration to get things correctly, you might give up along the way the same way you ask, “Can someone write my essay for me instead?”

While it seems practical to do everything on your own, you would need help sometimes. Even in designing your website, you will need other people or institutions to help you achieve your objectives. You will feel the need to seek help as you look for additional resources and materials from other creators, organizations, or startups. This article will see some of the best WordPress plugins that will benefit you in your endeavors.

Writing WordPress Plugins to Create Impressive Content

In this article, we present you with the list of best writing WordPress Plugins to create impressive content on your WordPress website. Go through each and every plugin and choose the best one for your website.

1. WP Dashboard Notes

WP Dashboard Notes

Using the Dashboard screen, you can have quick access to your website’s contents and other significant things. It shows the information in blocks, or also known as widgets. For your convenience, WP Dashboards Notes enables you to create notes with various colors right on your dashboard screen. This way, you can have visual reminders of your to-do lists or important events.

Instead of using actual sticky notes, you can use this plugin for WordPress according to your needs. Whether you create a checklist or a simple note, you will not forget an essential task, feedback, or revision anymore once you use this properly.

Download WP Dashboard Notes

2. Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

To keep your readers and visitors interest, you need to keep updating now and then. Therefore, it would be best if you schedule your posts so that they look forward to your content with enthusiasm. One of the recommended WordPress plugins that will help you do this effectively is Editorial Calendar.

Through it, you can plan and track the publication of your posts. It allows you to see an overview of the whole month to know the details of your previous and next posts. Moreover, its drag-and-drop tool enables you to move around the topics or ideas on other dates. Lastly, this free plugin provides you an option to edit a post directly from the calendar.

Download Editorial Calendar

3. Co-Author Plus

Co-Author Plus WordPress Plugin

Sometimes, you might not feel confident with your own work. Or you might not have any idea about how to make it better and engaging. During these times, it would be best to ask for someone’s help. And who can help you better than an expert in the field? The good thing is that there is a plugin that can help you with your writing dilemma.

One of the must-have WordPress plugins for beginners is Co-Author Plus. It allows your content to be edited and critiqued by a team of expert writers. If you want them to modify your work, you can list them as co-authors. As you follow and note their feedback, you can improve your skills, thus providing more well-written outputs in the future. 

Download Co-Author Plus

CM Footnotes WordPress Plugin

In academic writing, citations and footnotes are critical to avoid committing intellectual theft. Even if your work is not published in a distinguished journal, you must still provide citations. But you might find the task of adding footnotes burdensome along the way.

The good thing is that the Creative Minds Footnotes plugin can aid you in this process. Using this, you can add citations or footnotes directly to your post. Also, you can customize the style and size of footnotes according to your blog’s format. To fit the needs of its users, it comes with a free and paid version.

Download CM Footnotes

5. Edit Flow

Edit Flow WordPress Plugin

If you work with a team, it can be challenging to keep track of each other’s progress. Also, communicating with one another can be stressful if you do not have a platform to organize and talk about your content.

To resolve this struggle, you can use Edit Flow. It is a plugin that allows you to conduct content promotion according to your needs. Moreover, you can collaborate with your editorial team without leaving WordPress. It also helps you monitor your social media traffic to know which content to focus on next time. But like other plugins, it would be best to subscribe to its premium version to get its full benefits.

Download Edit Flow

6. Zedity

Zedity WordPress Plugin

Web designing can be an overwhelming feat if you are inexperienced in this activity. Writers with no technical idea or background in coding might find themselves lost in making their dream website. But with the help of considerate creators, beginners can enjoy web designing without trouble.

Zedity is a plugin that allows you to create and customize a webpage without using JavaScript, CSS, or HTML codes. Thus, you do not have to worry about coding through it, especially if you are unfamiliar with it. However, it comes with free and paid versions, too. So before paying, it would be best to check its features first.

Download Zedity


In conclusion, making a WordPress website and content is not an easy task. However, you can maximize available plugins to make this activity enjoyable for you, whether you are a beginner or not. In addition, several developers continue to provide products that can help more content creators actualize their goals and reach more readers. Therefore, take every opportunity and enjoy writing!

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