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Charles Odongo known as “ugali man” has received millions from odibets.

Okay, we know that when you read millions you probably thought millions in 20s but what we actually mean is he received a 5 million cheque from betting firm Odibet. Additionally, Mr Odongo also received a brand new car on Tuesday at Sarova Stanley in an event that had celebrities such as Maina Kageni and Jalang’o.

Charles currently owns a gym in Rongai and we guess his new seven-seater Voxy van will also help in boosting his current income.

A life-changing experience.

Mr Odongo gave an excited speech at the event and said:

“I will support my fellow youth from Rongai just the same way Odibets has supported me,”

OdiBets had a partnership with Odi Mtaani as a talent development project the general manager gave a speech and said:

“OdiBets believes that more funding is needed towards the development of talent at the for sports grassroot level. OdiBets will continue to support unique talents such as Charles Odongo, who is committed to his fitness career in a passionate way. We believe there are thousands of hidden and promising talents in the country which can be nurtured. Kenyans can be assured of our commitment on initiatives that provide access and opportunities for all,”

Though there are number of people who believe that the betting industry has ruined a lot of young lives that are constantly gambling we also cannot deny that OdiBets corporate societal responsibility has empowered a large part of society. So far they have invested KSh 500 million which has been used to boost sports development in the country through their kitting programme, country sports sponsorships and grassroots soccer competitions.

Teams like Harambee Stars and Kenya’s 100m sprinter, Ferdinand Omanyala have also been beneficiaries of this programme.

General manager Dedan Mungai said:

 “We are at a stage where we believe that Odi Mtaani initiative can be more meaningful to Kenyans by expanding the programme to capture other talents beyond mainstream sporting activities such as soccer, athletics and more. We hope that our partnership with Odongo – “The Ugali Man” will inspire more Kenyans to showcase their unique talents and be bold enough to just try. The digital space, for example, is giving talents a platform to flourish. We believe these spaces are ideal for talent development,”

In case you missed it, OdiMtaani is a platform that is used to support local and community-driven sports development and recreation. Odibets has committed to supporting local talent in the sports industry in hopes that their drive will encourage sports enthusiasts to invest more in their talent.



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