Could You Be Ignoring Your Soulmate Online? Meet This Twitter Couple That Is Happily Married 6 Years Later

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Could you be ignoring your soulmate online?

A couple has left many admiring their love life online as they celebrated their sixth marriage anniversary. The reality is that many people either leave people hanging online or they just block them. Finding a suitable helper on social media is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of looking for love.

However, if you’re willing to try a dating app which is more likely to have a lot more weirdos, then perhaps it’s time to stop ignoring that nice man or lady who always comments on all your posts.

A lady posted on Twitter and wished her husband a happy anniversary 6 years later after meeting on Twitter.

Posting on Twitter, the lady identified as @itsayaaani shared cute photos with her lover on Monday, May 25.

6 years of love.

In the beautiful post, the young woman revealed that she and her soulmate met on Twitter and on Sunday, May 24 celebrated six years of love.

Met on Twitter and celebrated six years of marriage yesterday, Allahumdullilah❤️,” she captioned.

Fans and friends celebrated the couple.

Fans and friends flocked the comment section to celebrate the couple and wished them well in their marriage. Of course some people mentioned the height difference even if that was not the lesson from this story.

Most tweeps wished the couple blessings in their marriage while others were quick to note the height difference.

The couple had stepped out for a picnic.

The couple seemed like they had stepped out for a picnic to celebrate the day the professed their love for each other.

A lot of couples in this modern era have confessed to meeting online and have actually been happily married. You obviously need to take necessary measures to ensure that you are not being catfished but as you do so there’s no harm in a bit of social media flattery because if you don’t like the person you can actually block the person.

@itsayaaani was dressed in a flowery gown and covered her head with a white scarf while her husband rocked a red trouser with a coloured shirt.


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