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Ad Inserter Pro 2.6.3

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Advertising and publicity for any product or website, can be said to be quite important, in fact, with the right skills and tools you can have the opportunity to sell or advertise to anyone who needs it.

Ad Inserter Pro is made for exactly this if that is what you need, so that you can advertise both your products and other people’s products and get paid for it.

Ad management plugin with many advanced advertising features to insert ad codes in optimal positions.

Supports all ad types, including Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager (DFP – DoubleClick for Publishers), Amazon Native Shopping Ads, and rotating banners.

This plugin is more than just an ad plugin. It provides many advanced options for inserting opt-in forms, header scripts, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, analytics, tracking or ad code anywhere on the page.


– AdSense Integration

– Google Ad Manager support (DoubleClick for Publishers)

– Syntax highlighting editor

– Previewing the code with a visual CSS editor

– Automatically inserts ads in publications and pages

– Insert before or after the post

– Insert before or after the content

– Insert before or after the paragraph

– Insert before or after the random paragraph

– Insert before or after several paragraphs

– Insert before or after the image

– Insert before or after comments

– Insert before or after the extract

– Insert near any element on the page (using CSS selectors)

– Insert above the header (after <body> tag)

– Insert in the footer (before </body> tag)

– Insert in relative positions in the posts

– Insert between blog page entries (in-feed AdSense)

– Insert between the extracts of the blog pages

– Insert between comments

– Insert in custom hook positions (function do_action () WP)

– Insert before or after any HTML element using CSS selectors

– HTML visual element selector (DOM explorer)

– Avoid placing ads near images or headers (AdSense TOS)

– Disable ads on individual posts or pages

Advantages of Ad Inserter Pro

– Code generator for banners and placeholders

– AdSense code generator

– Visual Ad Editor – create ads from scratch

– Manual insertion: widgets, shortcodes, PHP function call

– Sticky (fixed) widgets (sticky sidebar – the sidebar does not move when the page is scrolled)

– Custom Alignments and Styles

– Insert different ad codes in the AMP pages

– Custom CSS class name to wrap the divs to avoid ad blockers

– Use the shortcuts of other plugins

– Use the custom fields as defined in the messages

– Use job title, tags or category names to create ads – contextual

– PHP code processing

– Ad Tags – display custom tag on top of ads

– ads.txt editor

– Ad rotation (server and client side – works with caching)

– Timed ad rotation – define times to rotate ads in a single ad block

– Create rich media ads with the standard WordPress editor TinyMCE

– Ad blocking detection – pop-up message, page redirection

– Desktop/mobile device detection (server and client side – works with caching)

– Blacklist and whitelist categories, tags, taxonomies, post IDs, urls, url query parameters, cookies, referrers, browsers, operating systems

– Easy to copy and paste ads or settings using the internal clipboard


By downloading Ad Inserter Pro you have all the possibilities to offer better ads and services in every way.

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