BuddyPress Auto Join Groups 1.0.3

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BuddyPress Auto Join Groups features

  • Automates user joining BuddyPress groups.
  • Admins can create multiple global lists where users will be added to the specified groups irrespective of their profile data.
  • Admins can create multiple conditional lists where users will be added to the specified groups if they match the conditions.
  • Admins can define matching conditions based on profile data or member type.
  • Admins can specify one or more conditions for each list. If there is more than one condition for a list, the user much fulfil all these conditions to be considered as a match.
  • Admins can associate any number of groups with each list.
  • A user may match more than one list. If they do, they will be added to all groups from these lists.
  • Admins can specify when a user should be tested for the match. You can specify the trigger as account activation, profile update or member type change.
  • Admins can bulk synchronize users to current list. This feature searches all users and any user matching the current list condition will be added to specified groups.

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