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FacetWP – Advanced Filtering for WordPress 3.9.2

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FacetWP is one of the best WordPress plugins that allow you to have on your website an advanced filtering that lets you add faceted search in your WordPress pages.

When your visitors decide to search for a specific product, they expect to get accurate and fast results, as this is crucial for their stay on the site and their future purchase, so you should pay special attention to your search filter and you can do it with FacetWP.

How FacetWP works

This plugin allows you to optimize your search filter system so that your customers find the content of your page much faster and continue browsing it since it avoids the “no results found” message.

It is compatible with most of the themes of WordPress and you can add search and filter facets anywhere on your pages, use shhortcodes or PHP. It comes with a lot of different facet types including, checkboxes, dropdowns, date ranges, sliders, proximity and more.

It uses your existing custom fields, taxonomies, and post data to give users fast, relevant, and accurate results every time. In addition, it uses Ajax technology so there is no need to refresh the page.

The plugin also uses an index table for extra speed and is specially used in WooCommerce with a lot of facet UI options and an easy implementation.

FacetWP features

It’s a plugin that allows you to customize the options with which your filter will work, choose how the results will be displayed to go beyond the classic grid, making them show as you like.

You can allow the results to be displayed by color filter or choose the hierarchy with which the results are ordered. Use the conditional logic to detail the operations of your search filter.

FacetWP is a must-have tool if you have a WooCommerce store because it supports product searches by their characteristics including their variations, such as color, size, stock, among others.

Choose the UI you prefer and it will best suit the style of your website, from checkboxes to maps to sliders, this plugin provides a variety of UI elements to integrate seamlessly with your design.

It’s perfect for Developers as they can take advantage of the plugin’s many hooks for a high degree of customization for better Marketing Development strategies.

  • This plugin allows you to have full control over your filter settings, so you can choose how to display your results and which ones will appear first, as well as displaying them the way you want them to appear.
  • You have the decision about which results you want to show, this way you can manage your marketing strategy better since you can choose which product will appear first in the searches.
  • Since your page will always give relevant results, users will be able to keep browsing, this will increase your traffic and the possibility of conversions on your website, besides the user will always have content and information, something that is always appreciated by customers.
  • It adapts to any builder and plugins such as ACF. Beaver Builder and WooCommerce and its use is with simple codes and a very friendly interface.

Since filters play an important role for users especially if you are a WooCommerce store, then you should not hesitate to download this plugin directly from our website, it is a very fast download with easy installation.

Quickly configure this plugin and start giving your users a better browsing experience and ease of finding your content.

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