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Layered Popups

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Layered Popups is one of the most widely used plugins for working with pop-ups in WordPress pages because it allows you to make unique multi-layered animated popups and has a wide variety of designs and ready-made templates.

If you want to implement pop-ups on your website, but you want to go beyond the boring designs that only appear and can annoy users, and you want some that are friendly and effective, then you should start using Layered Popups.

How Layered Popups works

This plugin has in its library over 200 professionally designed ready-made templates, ready for you to implement on your website and give it a modern and professional look.

With Layered Popups you can embed AJAX-ed subscription/contact form which works with a lot of CRM, marketing, and newsletter systems, this will allow you to have control and good management over your marketing strategy.

You can adjust the pop-ups to appear in the most convenient places, it can be posts, pages, products and even any custom post types filtered by any available taxonomies, dates, user roles, etc.

Layered Popups is a plugin that doesn’t interfere with your page loading as it is light and easy to use, don’t let anything stop you from attracting your customers’ attention and displaying all the pop-ups that you want.

Features of Layered Popups

With this plugin you will have an easy to use visual popup editor and where you can create and make any changes you want and view in live mode, this will allow you to edit the popups and choose the style that best suits your website.

You can create an unlimited number of unique multi-layers animated WordPress popups and adjust how and where to display these popups, so you can strategically choose where each popup will appear.

Raise Layered Popups when users click any HTML-element, on exit intent, on scrolling, on idle and on page load (once, once per session, once per X days, every time) with certain delays, you choose and have control over how it appears and in what form.

What makes this plugin more complete is that it gives you details of the behavior of your popups so you can see how to increase your traffic, create an unlimited number of A/B testing campaigns, get statistics for each popup and choose the best one for your purposes.

You can lock access to certain links on your website when the user clicks in a locked link, a popup appears, users must submit the popup’s form, and after that link becomes available, this is useful for some strategies for Newsletter or contact list.

You can create payment popups in which you request users to pay money and perform an action after successful payment, this is perfect for institutes or local businesses, it has integrations with PayPal, Skrill, PayFast and popular providers.

Use the geolocation filter in your favor, show OnLoad, OnScroll, etc. popups to visitors based on their geolocation for a better application of your marketing strategy and improve your conversions.

  • Since this plugin has a wide variety of tools you can have a flexible editor that will make you have the best and most original popups for your WordPress pages and that these are fully optimized no matter what theme you work on your website.
  • It is proven that this Plugin does not interfere with the loading of your page, so you can use it with complete confidence that it does not reduce the page speed at all.
  • Control when to raise a popup, you can make appear the window when the user moves the mouse cursor to leave the page, and give them your message before they go.

Do not hesitate to download this complete plugin to build your modern popups in your WordPress, download it directly from our website.

You can have a plugin that offers you many tools and a large library to explore your creativity and originality.

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