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MemberPress WordPress Plugin 1.9.27

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If you want to create a website and be able to decide who enters, who subscribes and who does not through the members and affiliation the add-on you need for this is MemberPress WordPress Plugin, through this add-on you can get this process.

MemberPress is an easy-to-use WordPress membership plugin. It will help you start charging your users instantly for access to your content.

MemberPress is an easy to use imitation of the WordPress Membership Plugin. Your choice will help you after you start charging your users instantly, as you will get the right of entry according to your content.

Choosing MemberPress helps you confidently create, adjust, and sign up for membership subscriptions or sell digital download products.

In summary, to these features, MemberPress’ intention allows you to direct your individuals by granting and revoking their access after publications, pages, videos, categories, tags, feeds, communities, digital documents and then more based entirely on the memberships you associate with.



  • With MemberPress you can create powerful and compelling WordPress membership sites that take advantage of all the great features of WordPress, WordPress Plugins, and other third-party services, including content management, forums, and social communities.


  • Unlike many other membership site solutions, MemberPress fully integrates with your existing WordPress website, is robust, but is also easy to use. So, if you’re wondering how to make your membership work.


  • I created custom WordPress designs and used different membership add-ons, and by far, MemberPress has provided more services and better value for money. A true “win-win” solution.


  • Having tested most of the membership add-ons for client sites over the years, MemberPress stands out as a great combination of rich but easy-to-use features.


  • The member self-service panel, quick setup, reports and automated emails. And the fact that they offer excellent customer service is also a big plus.

MemberPress will allow you to generate dynamic pricing pages for your membership products — ordering your membership products, changing the copy, changing the look… it’s very easy and powerful.

MemberPress provides several ready-to-use pricing page themes to make your pricing page look good … no CSS or HTML coding is required. But if you’re an advanced user and can’t find a look for your pricing page that you like in MemberPress, you can simply create your own CSS styles or completely customize them by creating a page template in your WordPress theme.

Group pricing pages are just standard WordPress custom publication types, so they’re easy to customize.



– Integrations included

– Easy configuration

– Powerful access rules

MemberPress will give you detailed control over what content your users can view based on their membership or the digital products they have purchased. MemberPress will allow you to restrict access to pages, sub-pages, publications, custom publication types, categories, tags, and just about any other file in your WordPress installation.

– Premium Community Forums

You can create your own password-protected community with MemberPress when you install and use a WordPress based forum. MemberPress integrates seamlessly with BBPress and many other WordPress forum add-ons.



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