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PeepSo WPAdverts Integration

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E-Learning & Online Courses

PeepSo combined with the power of LearnDash gives you an amazing opportunity to not only create and sell online courses, but also provide an amazing environment for your students to collaborate and grow together.

Organizing students into groups. Letting them share their experiences and knowledge in a familiar setting is priceless. Encourage them even more with gamification. Grant them badges, achievements or trophies. Call it however you want, the possibilities are endless.

Community & E-commerce

Creating a community behind your brand has never been easier. People will first come to buy one thing. They will keep coming back for the community. Why send people away from your site to Facebook groups, where they are exposed to your competition’s ads?

All your clients have one thing in common, you. Creating a space for like minded people revolving around your store or brand is a home run. They will keep coming back to talk to their newly found friends. Those people are also more likely to refer their friends to your site.

Paid Memberships

PeepSo & Paid Memberships Pro work together beautifully. Creating an exclusive community for your users will directly contribute to your passive income. It can be anything from a community of professionals to a fan-based one.

Creating a community with membership levels and privileges has never been easier. You have granular control over nearly all user actions and access to areas of your site. Your highest membership can also come with a VIP badge, if you choose to.

Private Communities

Some communities are better kept private. Whether it’s a community for neighbours, a support group, your company or whatever else, if you want it to be private, it will be. You have full control over user registration and moderation.

Private communities that flourish from the prying eyes of the public are just a couple of clicks away. They are safe, secure and most importantly they follow the rules that you set. Need a private network for your company? Done. As easy as pointing and clicking.

Know Your Clients

It’s particularly important to know who your clients are. Create a community for them where they can easily reach you and your team. Let them know you and in turn you’ll get to know them. With that you’ll be able to build trust and increase client loyalty.

Additionally, since your clients can interact with each other, they are more likely to help each other too. That means you’ll have less customer support to worry about. On top of that, they’ll also act as your brand ambassadors to all the new potential clients.

What’s Your Idea?

PeepSo and its plugins cater to every need imaginable. There are thousands of flourishing communities revolving around nearly every conceivable topic. With a wide range of features like: user registration, user profiles, live onsite notifications, email notifications, hashtags, ability to share media like photos and videos, the possibility of creating groups, polls, allowing users to create classified ads and many, many more.

We have only one question. Are you ready? Create Your Community. Your Way. Just like you always imagined it.

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