WP US & Canada State Geotargeting Redirect 1.0.0

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WP US & Canada State Geotargeting Redirect features

  • Page/Post Redirect: it will help you redirect a single page or post of your choice to another page/url
  • Category Redirect: redirect a whole category archive to another page/url
  • SITEWIDE REDIRECT (most used): it doesn’t matter on which page an user is landed – it will pick them up and redirect to your desired destination url.
  • WILDCARD REDIRECT (external domains): if you have for example domainUS.com/page-a it will redirect to domainCA.com/page-a and keep the page. This rule is very usefull when you’re using multiple domains/subdomains according to your regions/states.
  • Homepage Only Redirect: it will apply geotargeting only if the user reaches the homepage.

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