Ghana’s Covibes Connects Musicians With Top Music Producers & Studios

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Covibes, a Ghanaian platform making the connection and collaboration easier between artists, producers and other music creatives from all over the world has been launched to do just that.

Covibes, launched by Stephen Nderitu and Kayode Daniel is looking to solve problems faced by musicians and producers and other creatives in the music industry. Nderitu and Kayode’s platform is a matchmaking platform that allows artists and everyone else to find verified studios and producers they can work with.

“The main goal is to make it easy for music creatives to find each other, collaborate and smile to the bank while at it,” said Kayode in a statement to TechMoran.

“Music has for the longest time been an integral part of the culture and religion of people. It has since evolved and takes a prime position on all our digital gadgets,” he added.

According to the two, the music produced on the African continent has metamorphosed from the Juju and Afropop of the 80s into the afrobeats genre which is also gaining global acclaim and a force to reckon with.

The Accra-based crew agree that the demand for African music is growing at an unprecedented rate with international collaborations with top stars now a normal occurrence. However, the industry especially within the African sphere is heavily fragmented.  From finding the right talent (producers, vocalists, session musicians and others), to branding, promotion, marketing, distribution, it is faced with a lot of problems.

Covibes aims to solve such problems. The value proposition for studios include;

  • Both Artists and Studio managers are guaranteed payments
  • 40% time saving on the studio booking process.
  • Up to 20% revenue growth due to access to a larger pool of clients
  • Assist with legal agreements as required

For an artist, Covibes promises a wide range or choice of producers and studios to choose from, assistance in obtaining and reviewing the legal agreements and a wide community of creatives to collaborate and network for their career growth.

In light of the recent lockdown across many cities across the world, Covibes has  created a beat marketplace to allow producers to sell  their digital masterpieces to artists all across the globe.

The duo are working on more solutions to solve the numerous challenges faced by artists and producers in the African Music industry. The two are calling on those who love the music industry to keep an eye out for Covibes.

Nderitu, a Kenyan-based in Accra is not new to entrepreneurship as he earlier on co-founded and lead, and then launched Legit Music World which he abandoned to focus on Covibes.



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