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Google Plans to reveal a new version of android(Android 12L) for larger displays soon – TechMoran

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Google revealed Android 12L, a new version of the system geared for big displays such as Tablets, foldable smartphones &  Chrome OS, during the Android Dev Summit 2021. There were some reports regarding an Android 12 upgrade arriving in the middle of the year. This version dubbed as Android 12L   does exist, but it is solely for handsets fitted with large screens

We believed the industry was in decline, but suddenly tablets are on the rise, fueled by a faster-than-ever iPad. Google claims to have logged approximately 100 million additional tablet activations in the last year, a 20 percent increase over the previous year. Foldable smartphones from Samsung, on the other hand, have seen a 265 percent rise in sales year over year Finally  While  Chrome OS continues to increase by 92% on its own.

In all, 250 million Android-powered smartphones with the huge screen are in use. It was so much that Google decided to pay them a little attention and chose to provide them with an ecosystem worthy of the term, rather than just a badly stretched interface for smartphones.

Android 12L, which was announced at the Android Dev Summit 2021, is now available as a developer preview and maybe tried on an emulator. It is still a development release that allows them to optimize their programs. Notifications, quick settings, lock screen, home screen, and other features of Android 12L adapt to large displays. On displays with more than 600 dips, the quick settings panel is divided from the alerts to show two distinct columns.

Android 12L multitasking

Android 12L adds a new taskbar to help with multitasking, similar to what iPadOS and Chrome OS currently have. This allows you to switch between programs fast and facilitates faster dragging of applications from whichever angles of your screen.

Google’s compatibility mode has been modified to adapt to varied screen sizes and, in particular, varying picture ratios. Smartphone manufacturers may adjust the letterboxing of apps in various ways, from the color of the contours to the relevance of the angle rounding. The objective is to have the most harmonic and consistent rendering amongst programs as feasible.

When will the Android 12L be released?

This new version for larger displays may see the limelight from the beginning of the following year as per the manufacturer’s claims. The Lenovo Tab P12 Pro will be the first gadget to benefit from the expected update.



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