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How to Build a WordPress Website from Scratch?

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How to Build WordPress Website from ScratchDo you want to Build WordPress Website From Scratch?

If you’re starting a small business, one of the things you need is a website. Consumers are increasingly using Google to find solutions to their problems. Without a website, you can’t possibly reach those potential customers. Mind you, they are a lot. 

The problem, however, is that hiring someone who knows the code to create that website will cost you. Since you’re starting out, you don’t want to shell out that kind of money for expert web developers just yet. Besides, let’s face it. You’re a budding entrepreneur. You may not even have that money in the first place.

That, then, leaves you with only two options: to create the website yourself or hire someone at cost (who, more often than not, doesn’t know code at all either). The good news is, whichever option you choose, you can still come up with a site and make the website look good. In this article, let’s look at how you (or your new hire) can build a WordPress website from scratch even without having any idea about web development.

Why Use WordPress for your Website?

But let’s address the elephant in the room. Why should you use WordPress in the first place? 

Well, for starters, with WordPress–and I’m talking about—you (or your new hire) can create a site without knowing the code. Who wants to spend hours reading resources to learn a language that’s so difficult to understand? My guess is not very many people. 

That’s not the only reason WordPress is so great. Believe it or not, for all its robust features, the software is absolutely free. All you need to do is download it and you can do whatever you want with it. You can get as many themes and website templates as you want, also without charge. 

SEO-wise, WordPress also delivers. According to Brothers Creative, Google loves WordPress websites and indexes them quickly. That means it doesn’t matter if you create a business website, an eCommerce store or a simple blog with the tool. Once you have your site up and running, it will tend to rank higher on SERPs.

Build a WordPress Website from Scratch

Source: WordPress

Besides, you can easily use Google Analytics on a WordPress site to ensure your ranking stays that way or improves. If you already have a team, you want to foster that data culture early on. All your team members should base website decisions on hard numbers and important metrics Google Analytics provides. That’s a great way to keep your site performing at an optimum level at all times.  

Anyway, to cut the long story short, with WordPress, you can never go wrong. It’s no wonder, then, that a whopping 64.1% of  CMS-built sites are WordPress sites, according to the Hosting Tribunal. One can Build WordPress Website From Scratch in the easiest way.

Building a WordPress Website From Scratch

Now that you know WordPress is your best option, let’s talk about how to build that website, say, a blog for generating leads, from scratch. If you hire someone on an hourly basis to do the job, just use a scheduling app to monitor their work so you can get your money’s worth. In this tutorial, we will learn to Build WordPress Website From Scratch following few steps. Let’s Start:

Buy your Domain and Hosting

You can’t have a website without a web host and a domain. A hosting provider helps make your website accessible via the World Wide Web. A domain, on the other hand, is an address that people type on URL bars to get to a specific site. 

Build a WordPress Website from Scratch

Unfortunately, these are things you can’t get for free. A new domain name, for instance, will typically cost you something like $10 to $12. Some domain names even cost millions of dollars.

So, what influences the cost of a domain name? There are four factors:

  • SEO friendliness: A domain name that contains a popular keyword will cost more.
  • Demand: A domain name that’s in demand will make its price increase.
  • Extension: A .com extension is the most familiar among web users so it’s more expensive than a .org extension. A .net extension can be a good alternative to a .com extension since it’s also known but is cheaper.
  • Renewal charges: A domain registrar can charge you with renewal fees even after you purchase a domain name.

That’s not to say you should get the cheapest domain name there is. You should choose your domain name carefully because it’s probably one of the first things about your brand your potential customers will see. Your domain name should be unique. It should be short–just under 15 characters—and easy to spell so people will remember it.  Lastly, as I said, use important keywords in your domain name.

Many web hosts offer free tools you can use to check if a domain you like is still available. 

Build a WordPress Website from Scratch

Source: Name

There are also domain search tools you can use., for instance, is a popular one.

Now let’s talk a bit about hosting. 

Be prepared to pay as little as $2 to as much as $20 or more for a web host. You’d have to shell out more the more complicated your website is. That’s because an eCommerce store, for example, will probably use more storage space than a simple blog. You’d have to pay for that extra space for your site to run perfectly.

Storage space isn’t the only thing you should consider when choosing your hosting provider. Here are other factors that are as important:

  • Uptime: Hosting providers that offer an uptime of 99% and above are your best bet. Below that and you can expect your visitors to encounter problems when they visit your website.
  • Loading speed: Make sure your web host can offer lightning-fast loading speeds. According to Loadstorm, one in four people will abandon a site if it takes more than four seconds to load. Besides, Google prioritizes speed when it ranks websites. Bitcatcha has a great list of the fastest web hosts in the market so far. You might want to check it out.
  • Data security: Your web host should offer constant backups so whatever happens, your data will still be there. Look for an SSL certificate, too, so you’ll know any sensitive data that goes to the site is kept private.
  • Traffic limit: Pay attention to the number of allowable visitors a web host allows every month. Once your website visitors exceed that number, one of two things can happen: you get charged more or your website just stops working. That second one is definitely not a good thing if your goal is to build an audience.
  • Customer support: Your web host should have great customer support. You want to be able to ask for help even in the wee hours of the morning if something happens to your website. You’re tr

The most popular web host is Bluehost. Your choice of hosting provider, however, should still depend on your preferences and business needs.

Install WordPress

Some web hosts install WordPress automatically for you. That’s obviously the easiest option. But if you or your new hires are the types who like to experience things, then you can install WordPress yourselves. Just a heads-up, though: it’s a really technical process. You will need to be familiar with language and encoding to complete the process.

Here are basic steps you’d need to follow:

Download WordPress: You can do that from

Set up a database and a user number: You might already have these once you purchase your web host so it’s best to ask first or at least check yourself. If you don’t have the database set and username just yet, you can use phpMyadmin to create them. 

Configure wp-config.php: You can let WordPress do this for you or edit the file yourself. 

Upload files: You should upload these wherever you’d like your website to appear on your domain.

Complete installation: Customize according to your preferences. So, you’d have to include a password and your email, among other things.

You should see the login prompt if the installation was successful.

Assess Your Site

You probably want to take a look at your site first so you’ll know the changes you want to make in the first place.

Access your site through this URL: You should get something like this on your screen:

How to Build WordPress Website from Scratch

Input your username and password to get to the WordPress Dashboard:

How to Build WordPress Website from Scratch

To see the site–which at this point is just your homepage—just click on your site name on the toolbar.

You’ll get something like this:

How to Build WordPress Website from Scratch

That’s the default WordPress Twenty Twenty-One theme. There’s a header and a tagline. In the middle of the page is where your content will go. 

Most WordPress users don’t go for the default theme because, well, it’s just too simple. Besides, since it’s the default theme, the chances of your website looking exactly like the other new WordPress websites are higher if you stick to it. That brings us to our next step: how to change the theme. 

Select a Theme

To change the theme, go back to your WordPress Dashboard. Click on Appearance located on the left side of your screen. You’ll see Themes first. 

Click on it and you’ll see the default theme. To add a different theme, just click on Add Theme. You should get something like this. It’s a list of themes you can install for use on your website. Hover your cursor over each theme and click on Preview to get additional details on the theme and get a glimpse into how that would look. 

Create WordPress Website from Scratch

So, if I click on the Construction Landing Page, for example, I get something like this:

Create WordPress Website from Scratch

You can even search for a theme using the search query bar in the upper portion of your screen.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, just hover your cursor over that theme again and click on Install. Then just activate it for use by clicking on it again. 

If your theme is in a .zip format, you can just upload it to WordPress. Just click on the Upload Theme button right beside Add Themes. You’ll see something like this:

Create WordPress Website from Scratch

Choose your file from your computer and click on Install Now.

There are many ways to make your WordPress website look good. Just experiment with what WordPress gives you to find the one that works for you. 

Add Plugins

The beauty of WordPress is that you can just upgrade its functions as you go along. You do this by installing plugins or extensions.

There are WordPress plugins you should consider installing because they will definitely help your site performance. Here are some plugins you might want to consider:

  • Yoast SEO: The plugin helps you optimize your site for SEO.
  • WP Smush: Use this to compress your files and ensure fast loading times.
  • Creative Mail: The plugin helps you access material from your site directly to be sent to your email subscribers.

Don’t get too carried away with the plugins, though. If you install too many, your site might just end up crashing frequently. You might even get security breaches. According to Torquemag, 20 is just the right number for these extensions.

Write a Post

Once you’ve settled on your website’s appearance, you can start writing your first post. 

Go back to the Dashboard. Click on Posts. 

Create WordPress Website from Scratch

Then click on Add New. Here’s how your screen should look like:

Create WordPress Website from Scratch

Put the title in the Add Title field. Then just write away! You can also specify your text alignment, insert a link, among other things. Just hover your cursor over your text, and you’ll see those options. 

You’d have to optimize your post for SEO once it’s done. Just scroll down and you’ll see that SEO section especially if you installed SEO Yoast. Just fill in the blanks. Insert your focus keyphrase, for example.

Include tags, too. You can find that to the right of your screen. Once you’re done, choose a featured image for your post. That’s the image that will accompany that particular blog post on your site.

Then hit publish. 

Create WordPress Website from Scratch

The visibility of your post should be set to Public for it to be live on your site.

If you want to enable comments on your post, just go to Settings on the Dashboard and customize the discussion setup. Read up on other tips to increase engagement on your WordPress website, too.

Wrapping Up

Businesses–whether big or small–should see websites as a requirement to succeed. Consumers are no longer just looking for solutions to their problems offline. More and more are looking for answers on Google. Without a website, it’s impossible to reach those potential customers.

But how do you build a website in the first place? Nowadays, it’s just that easy. WordPress, in particular, enables just about anyone to create a website even without the knowledge of code. Besides, WordPress is free. So, for as long as you have the Internet, you can just go and download it anytime without shelling out money. 

WordPress is easy to use, too. In this article, we learned to Build WordPress Website From Scratch. I shared with you the steps you should follow to create a website using the content management system. Just follow them and let those creative juices flow. You’ll have that WordPress website for your business in no time.

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