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Did you know that it is very much possible to have a USB-C port on your iPhone smartphone? Through a video and a GitHub repository, Ken Pillonel, the young Swiss who created the vulnerability, reveals the secrets of his patch. I’m not sure whether the auctioned iPhone’s price will decrease due to all of this.

The engineering student disclosed the backstage of his mod, which took him many months of work and which he had exhibited a few weeks ago, in a 13-minute video narrated in English with a gorgeous French accent. Those who choose to take on the challenge should be aware that it will be difficult.

The modder studied the functionality of Apple’s unique connection and its compatibility with USB-C to accomplish its aim. It took the Lightning connection off the iPhone (along with the cable connecting it to the motherboard) and left it outdoors to conduct its testing. The first significant obstacle was figuring out how Lightning works. The inventor accomplished this by ordering a large number of counterfeit cables from China, which were built so that the cable’s functioning could be readily analyzed. He was able to rebuild the C94’s internal scheme and the Lightning’s internal circuit, thanks to the analyses. He was able to connect the iPhone connected to a USB-C converter with the help of this information.

Ken Pillonel’s last task is to locate the iPhone’s changed circuitry. The student discovered a slight gap between the battery and the haptic motor after doing an extensive study. He then redesigned his printed circuit board to fit inside this area, with two horizontal and one vertical portion placed between the battery and the haptic motor.

There was also the need to enlarge the charging port to use a USB-C connection instead of the Lightning connector. A computer-controlled precision machine tool was required. Monsieur Pillonel’s art is presently up for auction on eBay if you’re interested. The offer is set to finish on November 11th, and the gadget has already surpassed $ 80,000 in sales.


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