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How to increase online sales in 2021

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Increase Online Sales

Increasing online sales and business growth is always one of the main concerns of online store owners. With the spread of the coronavirus these days, people are making a lot of purchases through online stores. But success in this market is not easy! Because there is so much competition in this field and only successful stores are sold that are familiar with the tricks and ways to increase online sales. If you have an online store and you are not satisfied with your sales.

What are the best ways to increase online sales?

With the spread of the coronavirus these days, traditional businesses are increasingly turning to online sales and online store creation. Because, as Bill Gates has said, if your business does not go online, it will be doomed to fail in the future. Many people enter the world of Internet business with high hopes and aspirations, unaware that this new world has its own challenges. Many leading online stores such as Amazon and service providers like Targeted Web Traffic … spend a lot of money every year to meet these challenges. They closely monitor user behavior to see how they can gain their trust and feedback.

One of the most important challenges for online stores is increasing sales and conversion rates. Some of these sites have spent millions of dollars figuring out how to behave to increase online sales. So now you can guess that one of the most important reasons for the change in the appearance of stores and websites overtime is based on these strategies. But do not worry, because you do not have to spend money to learn ways to increase online sales. In this article, we will share with you the latest ways to increase online store sales that have been proposed in 2021.

  • Reduce customer risk to increase online sales

Some of your customers are afraid to buy from your site. Most of them are afraid that you will not do what you say. They refuse to give you their personal and financial information and are not risk-averse at all. This becomes more serious when they are new to the site and have no knowledge of you.

Therefore, one of the most important ways to increase online sales is to reduce customer risk. To achieve this, you need to use different ways to gain their trust. Some of the most important steps you can take to increase your income are:

  • Get the e-Trust icon and place it where users can easily see it.
  • Give them free advice before buying to get their questions answered.
  • If possible, provide free testing of services or products for customers.
  • Assure them that a refund is possible if the product information is unsatisfactory or inconsistent.
  • And…

No one is better than you can answer the audience’s questions. So do not let their questions go unanswered. One of the best ways to gain the audience’s trust is to answer frequently asked questions and the potential challenges they face.

  • Always place the shopping cart in front of the customer

Joseph A Bank clothiers is one of the largest online clothing stores of its kind that was able to reduce the number of shopping carts by up to 8% by making a small change in the design of its site. They made the shopping cart and the items inside it visible on all pages of the site. They made the change after reviewing the shopping process in the top 200 online stores.

In fact, this change will increase sales on your site by improving the user experience (UX). Proper use of the shopping cart is one of the tricks of online sales that can have a very amazing effect on reducing abandoned shopping carts.

  • Increase your online sales by shortening the buying process!

Through surveys and analysis of user behavior, they found that increasing the speed and ease of the payment process is very important to increase customer satisfaction and purchase.

Of course, the Amazon Store knew this from the beginning and led the user to the payment page with one click. So, you should look at this as a guide to increase online sales, and based on that, avoid prolonging the buying process and receiving unnecessary information from your customers and make the buying process simple and enjoyable for them.

  • Send your products for free to increase online sales

Free shipping on products can be considered the most important way to increase online sales. This option may not be available for all online stores or specific products. But you may not believe how much a free shipping offer can make a difference in your online sales.

Forrester is one of the most reputable companies in the field of marketing research. One of the most important research of this company has been in the field of why customers leave their shopping carts, the results of which have been published under the title “The reason for leaving their shopping carts”. The report, valued at $745, said that customers are often very surprised by the shipping cost and are not willing to pay for it.

Their survey showed that nearly 50% of customers leave their shopping cart part-time due to the high cost of shipping. Based on this, you should try to consider the shipping costs for free customers, if possible. If this is not possible for you, consider shipping costs as a single rate and reduce the amount as much as possible. This is a technique used by large sites such as Digikala to increase online sales.

  • Display all user costs at the earliest opportunity

Many business owners are looking to increase their online store traffic to increase sales. But they do not know how to optimize the purchasing process and user experience before that. Transparency and simplicity are some of the most important ways to increase online sales.

Sometimes you cannot easily ignore the cost of shipping, shipping, taxes and. Therefore, in such situations where it is not possible to offer offers such as free shipping of the product, be sure to show these costs to the customer at the earliest opportunity.

  • Allow your customers to send gifts to others

If you look at the big online stores, you will find that most of them offer features such as sending gifts to friends, gift credit cards, and so on to their customers. Because with this possibility, many of your customers can meet the needs of their friends and acquaintances by sending gifts.

There are many benefits to using this technique in your store, the most important of which is to increase online sales at various events and events and get to know the store by others. Therefore, by using this method, in addition to increasing the number of online store visits, you will also directly increase your sales.

  • Use different payment options to multiply your sales

Increasing sales with online advertising are one of the most important options for business owners. But new research shows that if we do not create a good platform for customers to buy, the use of advertising not only does not lead to an increase in online shopping but the long run may affect the brand.

One way to increase your audience conversion rate is to use different payment options. So, you need to answer these questions: Does your online store accept checks? What about cash? Can the customer pay for the product on the spot? As, a result, they decided to increase their sales by adding payment methods. Because big online retailers are well aware that providing more payment options equals paying more. So do not neglect the on-site payment option and use different payment gateways.


Certainly not the best way to increase online sales and recommend it to everyone. But we can definitely increase our sales by using the successful experiences of others and optimizing them to fit our business. In this article, we will introduce you to the tricks of online sales in the largest online stores in the world so that you can grow your business by following their example.

All of these methods are based on studies conducted by world-renowned digital marketing companies. If you are serious about your business and want to attract more customers, you need to start to buy targeted organic traffic and testing and analyzing your users. But the wheel should not always be reinvented. Because many of these internet marketing companies have spent millions of dollars to achieve these results to save you time and money.

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