How to Make a Hotel/Resort/Vacation Website using Punte – Free WordPress Theme

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How to Make Hotel Resort Vacation Website using Punte Free WordPress Theme

Do you want to create a Hotel/Resort/Vacation website? 

Creating a website for such businesses allows visitors to know more about the place, location, facility, foods, online reservation system, ratings and many more things. It is a great way to attract visitors. 

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS, best for creating a website!

In this tutorial, we will learn to Make a Hotel/Resort/Vacation website all step-by-step. 

Website Domain Name and Reliable WordPress Hosting

It is the first step in creating a website. You need to have a Domain Name and Reliable Hosting for your site. 

Domain Name reflects the name of your website. Usually .com extension is the most popular one. Follow our tutorial guide to know What is a Domain Name and How Does it Work?

Web Hosting is the engine that powers your WordPress website. It is a server that hosts the website file of your site and gives online presence. 

Get affordable and reliable hosting providers for your website here

After this, you will need to install WordPress. Follow our tutorial guide on ‘How to Install WordPress on your Website?’

This is the end of the first step!

WordPress Hotel/Resort/Vacation Theme

Once you get the domain and reliable hosting for your site, you need to select a theme. There are numbers of Free and Premium WordPress Hotel theme to start with. It’s very necessary to select the Perfect Theme as the overall appearance of your website depends upon the theme. 

Making it easy for you, we present you the Perfect Hotel/Resort/Vacation WordPress Theme – Punte Hotel

Punte Hotel Free WordPress Theme

Punte is a free multipurpose WordPress theme designed to create a get-to-go website. Designed with elementor, the theme allows you to create a website in a few minutes. It has an amazing feature that supports in creating a website you always wanted. The theme is highly responsive. You can create a Blog website, Construction website, Restaurant website, Hotel website and various other kinds of the website easily with Punte. 

Major Features of Punte Hotel Theme:

  • Customize Everything with Elementor: Customizing your website becomes easier with Elementor using Punte Hotel Theme. 
  • Limitless Fonts, and Color Options: With limitless fonts and colour options, you can design your website as your wish in a modern design. 
  • Custom Header & Footer: Punte Hotel Theme has a custom header and footer in the theme. You can simply customize the header and footer and you get one in your website. 
  • Fully compatible with all major page builder plugins( Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder ): The theme is fully compatible with all the responsive plugins to create your website better. These plugins are highly supported by the theme for the smooth functioning. 
  • Gutenberg Optimized: The Gutenberg optimized Punte Hotel Theme is fast and responsive. 
  • Responsive & Retina ready: The theme is fully responsive in all the devices and in any format. It is a highly responsive and retina ready theme. 
  • High-Speed Performance: The theme has High-Speed Performance. You can create a Hotel Theme in no time. 
  • Free Lifetime Support & Updates: Punte Hotel gives lifetime support to all the users. You can enjoy update and lifetime support for Free. 

Here’s Why Punte’s Hotel Layout is perfect for creating a Hotel/Resort/Vacation website!

If you closely look at the Home page layout of Punte’s Hotel site, you’ll find a great list of features that makes your blog home page/landing page great. Some of them are:

  • Clean and Elegant Design – The overall appearance of the theme has a clean and elegant design. All the sections are presented well with beautiful modern designs. 
  • Perfect header – With logo at the centre and clean menus are placed right below on full length. 
  • Full-screen search – which allows your website visitors to find any blogs or content in the site with a great search experience. 
  • High-Quality Image Display – The high-quality image in the website appears clear and pleasing to the viewers. 
  • About Us Section – It gives quick information to the visitors about the restaurant/cafe from the Director or an important person of these businesses. 
  • Achievement Display Section – It displays all the awards, nominee the hotel or resort has received. It increases the goodwill of the business. 
  • Online Reservation Section – The visitors can book a place for them easily from the homepage in the reservation form. 
  • Content Blogs – This makes the visitors know about the foods, places, activities that they can view. It makes the site informative. 
  • Services Display Section – Displaying service section on the homepage allows visitors to have a quick look at the facilities, services that the hotel/resort provides

  • Customers Review – To increase the Goodwill and Trust of the visitors, customer’s review can be helpful. It also let people know more about the Hotel/Resort/Vacation. 
  • Get in touch Section – If the visitors have any queries, then get in touch section allows them to connect to the person of the business and grab necessary information.

All in all, the home page of Punte Hotel looks perfect to start your new hotel/resort/vacation website or give a new look and design to your old website. With this perfect home page layout, one can create Hotel website, resort website, vacation website and many other. 

Here is how Punte Hotel home page layout look like:

Punte Hotel Free WordPress Theme

Well, so if you’re excited with hotel-specific features of Punte Hotel, let’s move ahead. At first, you need to have the theme on your website.

To install the theme on your website, follow our tutorial guide ‘How to Install WordPress Theme?

The first step after you have installed the Punte theme is to Setup it. For this, Click on Appearance>>Punte Setup.

How to Make Hotel Resort Vacation Website using Punte Free WordPress Theme

As Punte is a multipurpose theme, it has numbers of demos. We need to choose the Hotel/Resort/Vacation Website Demo.

You will land into the page where there’s an instruction of how you can complete creating a website in just 4 steps using Punte theme.

How to Make Hotel Resort Vacation Website using Punte Free WordPress Theme

In order to install the demo, first, you need to install the Access Demo Importer Plugin. Click on Step 1 – See Demos.

Choose the option of Install and Activate

After you Install and Activate the Plugin, you will directly be headed to the page Import Demo page. Firstly, Import the Demo.

How to Make Hotel Resort Vacation Website using Punte Free WordPress Theme

You will be asked to Install three different plugin to make sure the theme look exactly like the Demo. Here, it depends upon you if you would like these plugins on your website or not. As far as possible, it is better to install these plugins as it supports for the better functioning of your website. It also adds better features!

The plugins are:

  • Elementor
  • Redux Framework
  • AP Companion

Install the plugin and click on Next Step.

You will be asked to backup your data if your website was already in use or had contents. Other than that choose Start Importing option, to make your website ready for the preview.

How to Make Hotel Resort Vacation Website using Punte Free WordPress Theme

After this, you can view your site.

Now, go to Appearance>>Customize and start customizing your Hotel/Resort/Vacation website.

Getting Started

Getting started with the customization option, there appears the general settings and colours options and responsive of the website to customize.

Getting Started with Punte Hotel Free WordPress Theme

In the general settings, you can enable the BreadCrumb and Back to Top option. BreadCrumbs refers to a specific website navigation technique that provides a trail for the user to follow back to the starting/entry point of a website. Whereas Back to Top option enable users to directly scroll up to the page.


You can customize the layout of your website. In the website layout option, select your website layout to be full width or boxed, then container width and the content/sidebar ratio.

Setting WordPress website using Punte Free WordPress Theme

In the sidebar layout option, you can choose the layout or appearance of sidebars in blog posts, other posts, pages, portfolio post, sidebar page and at the last in the 404 pages (error page). The layouts in each and every section appear as you have selected it to be in the customization option.

In the Header>>Header Style, choose the style of your header as given in the option to choose. Preview all of them and select the one which you think suits your website the most. Here, in the image below, I selected a random one to just show you an example.

How to Create Hotel Website using Punte Hotel

Main Header

After you select your header style, it’s time to customize the heading fonts. Select the Header Background colour or the option of Transparent Header or not. Also, Upload the Logo of your website.

How to Create Hotel Website using Punte Hotel

Punte Hotel allows you to create and choose the layout of Footer directly from the customization of the site.

How to Create Hotel Website using Punte Hotel

You can create and customize the Sidebar of your website directly from the customization option by using Punte Restaurant.

Simply choose the sidebar layout and it’s ready to display in the site.

Site Identity

Enter the Title and the Tag Line of your website. Add the Logo of your website and the icon that appears in your browser.


The blog simply refers to the posts published on your website. You can customize the blog by selecting the blog style. The content of the blog to show Full Content or the Show Expert, the number of words to display and the option of whether to display the name of author, date and category or not.

How to Create Hotel Website using Punte Hotel

Social Links

Here comes the option of Social Links which is a must in most of the Hotel websites. The theme allows you to put the social link of different social media. Simply, keep the link and it is ready to display on your website.

How to Create Hotel Website using Punte Hotel

Other Customizations

Like this, you can customize all the options as per your necessity in your website and the way you want to display it. The theme also has Additional CSS that allows you to add additional feature through coding in the website.

With things like customization of the menu, widgets, homepage setting is quite simple and can be done as per the way you want it to be.

Here you are done setting up your WordPress website. 

Hotel/Resort/Vacation websites need to be highly responsive. Thankfully Punte Hotel is a Gutenberg Ready Theme that supports the smooth and fast functioning of the website.

Plugins for Hotel/Resort/Vacation Website

Plugins are recommended to add additional features on the website. It can also be used to enhance the feature that the theme already provides on the site. To make your website even better, here are some of the themes suggested to you. 

Everest GPlaces Business Review

Everest GPlaces Business Review
Everest GPlaces Business Review

It is one of the best free WordPress plugins to showcase Google places and business reviews. Punte Hotel already has the review section but using the plugin Everest GPlaces Business Review allows you to show the location in Google place as well as the review of the visitors/customers. It is a fully responsive and shortcode ready plugin. Beautifully showcase your business review and google place on the map using the plugin. 

AP Pricing Tables Lite


AP Pricing Tables Lite is a feature-rich WordPress pricing table plugin with an intuitive interface. The plugin offers 5 predefined templates with various options to showcase your pricing list in the most attractive way. It is easy to use a plugin that allows you to create unlimited pricing tables with up to 4 columns addition. Create a perfect Pricing table in no time using this plugin. 

AP Custom Testimonial

AP Custom Testimonial
AP Custom Testimonial

The plugin AP Custom Testimonial is used to create a simple, responsive and dynamic testimonial in your WordPress website. The plugin has 5 pre-designed templates to choose from. It is an easy-to-use plugin that can be added using shortcode on any page of the site as you want. 

Contact form

Contact Form Plugin
Contact Form 7

Punte Hotel has a simple and clean contact form design on the homepage of the website. However, if you want to create an attractive and appealing contact form on the website that attracts visitors, choosing the plugin Contact form is the best. The plugin manages multiple contact forms and allows you to customize the form and mail contents with simple markup. 

Everest Gallery Lite


Everest Gallery Lite is the ultimate gallery plugin that allows you to showcase many images with multiple functionalities. Displaying the images in the Hotel/Resort/Vacation website is easy with the plugin. The plugin offers multiple layouts and each of these layouts comes along with multiple sub-layout and various configuration option. It is a fully responsive and shortcode ready plugin. Showcase your Gallery in the most attractive way using this plugin. 

To install the plugin on your WordPress website, follow our tutorial guide on ‘How to Install a new WordPress Plugin?’

So, if you are ready to make a perfect Hotel/Resort/Vacation website using Punte Hotel – get the theme below. 

Download Punte

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