How to Make Kid’s Website Using Punte Free WordPress Theme

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How to Make Kid's Website Using Punte Free WordPress Theme

Nowadays the internet is no longer used by only adults. If your kids are willing to spend more time online then you can make a beautiful kid’s website for your children. 

Creating a Kid’s Website is the best way to combine fun and education. Enhancing your child’s web development skills can be very useful for their future success as your young generation will have crucial mind engagement ability.  

Kid’s websites will enable you to display your child’s hobbies, interests, achievements, and progress to the entire world. So, let them choose a specific topic as per their interest then flourish, learn, and grow!

Your kids can both get famous and make money if they have talent like singing, dancing, knitting, playing different sports, and much more. In this process, a kid’s website will help out your kid in different good ways. 

How to Make a Fascinating Kid’s Website?

Whenever we think of making a Kid’s website, we should consider that the website should be simple, colorful, affordable, educational yet functional. We need to make a kids website that requires no or less coding knowledge. 

It’s obvious that the idea of creating a Kid’s website sounds difficult. Being a responsible parent you would want your child to learn and explore but with fewer difficulties. Not a big deal, just follow some of our blogs steps that are simple, short yet effective. 

Finding Perfect Theme to Build a Kid’s Website

Building a website can be a lot easier if you find a perfect theme to build your proposed website. In order to make it easy up to you, I would suggest you use Punte Multipurpose Free WordPress Theme. No other theme can be more useful than Punte Theme to an online destination for your children to communicate. 

Let’s know more about Punte theme and it features:

Punte theme is a freshly designed multipurpose WordPress theme by Access Keys. This theme is a perfect fit for your kids website as it comes along with new design, well optimized for multi-purpose usage, fast and lightweight. It is an excellent go-to theme for the kid’s website as the element of this theme enables you to build a website freely in no time. 

This theme comes up with a twelve starter website. So, choose one of them and start experimenting on your own. It provides a full and seamless integration with all of your favorite tools. It is a free theme so it can be perfect for all the WordPress Beginners as well as Professionalists. As we are going to use Punte Theme let’s get familiar with its features:

  • Build by Elementor which is the world’s best and advanced page builder
  • Choose a reliable demo from 10+ Pre Build Demos and build a website freely in no time
  • Besides, this theme is integrated with powerful eCommerce plugin WooCommerce
  • Fully Customizable pre-built layouts for header & footer 
  • Increases your site rank in Search engines with the optimized latest web technologies
  •  Additionally, it has extended the Redux framework included in the powerful theme option. 
  • Speed performance is really high due to the quality code and minifying  and much more

What makes a Kids Website Better and Effective? 

Before going through every detailed step to make a Kid website, let us know about a few things that we need to consider while making an effective and better kid website.

  • Clean Design: It’s really important to create a website with a clean yet appealing design. If you create a website with a clean design it will enable your visitor/customer/client/reader to focus on a particular brand that you want to. 
  • Effective Color Scheme: Considering favorable color is really important to consider company niche, brand, audience, color theory, and much more.
  • Functionality: In order to create a functional website minimize the loading issue of your website. If you have any broken links then fix it as it may decrease the SEO performance of your website. 
  • Usability: When we are a visitor, we like to visit a website that has clear information about services, blogs, support, and much more. So, when we make our own Kids website we should also try to create it in such a way that it will appeal to our customers to visit our site time and again. 
  • Compatible with Multiple Browsers: There are multiple internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Whenever you make a website be sure that your website is reachable from multiple browsers in order to connect with more visitors. 

The home page of the Punte theme looks amazing to make a Kids website. Here’s how Punte’s homepage layout looks like: 

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

How to Make Kid’s Website Using Punte – WordPress Theme

As we have already chosen the appropriate theme to make Kids Website, let’s start to install WordPress, Theme, Demo, and customize the theme to create a website as per our need. 

Let’s go through step by step tutorial:

Step 1: Purchase Suitable Hosting and Install WordPress

The first thing that you need to do is to purchase a domain and choose suitable web hosting if you have not done that already. 

Generally, a domain means the name through which your visitors can reach you(Example: Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service that makes internet access via the World Wide Web. 

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Install WordPress so that you can log in to your Cpanel along with an appropriate username and password. Most of you might have already installed WordPress. But if you haven’t done it, you might have some issues or difficulties while installing it. Go through our article “How to Install WordPress” for the easy and quick installation of WordPress

Step 2: Install an Appropriate WordPress Theme for your Website

First of all login to the WordPress Dashboard. Then to Install the Punte WordPress theme go to Appearance>>Themes>>Add New button.

Search for Punte WordPress Theme. Then Install and Activate the theme. 

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

If you need any guidance while installing the WordPress theme then go through our article. Some of you might have already installed a theme, in that case, you can switch your WordPress theme 

Step 3: Install the Required plugin

Install the Access Demo Importer plugin to choose the suitable demo for your website from the given multiple options. 

Click on the Plugins>>Add New option at the left sidebar of the page. 

Then, Click on Install>>Activate the option to use the plugin.

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

If you have any confusion while installing the plugin then you can go through our article for more guidance.

Step 4: Import the Demo

Now you will be able to import the demo on your WordPress directly. 

Look for Kids website demo. When you will be able to see it, click on the button Import.  

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Step 5: Make Changes as per the Suggestion

Install all three plugins that are suggested to you. When you finish installing all the plugins click on the Next Step button. 

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Then, click on the button Start Importing. Remember that this may take a few seconds or minutes sometimes.

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Click on the View Site option. Your site will look somehow as shown in the screenshot below before customizing or bringing any changes. 

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Step 6: Customize your Website

In order to Customize the website, click on the Customize option at the top of your page. 

Flexible Layout Option

Go to Layout>>Website Layout. Now choose the Full Width or Boxed website layout option for your website as per your need. 

You can also Increase or Decrease WidthContainer width in px as per your choice. You can choose the appropriate Content |Sidebar Ratio from 30 different options which is more than enough.

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Sidebar Layout for Desktop and other Mobile Devices

In the Sidebar Layout customization, you will have four options in each Blog Page, Page, Post, Portfolio Post, Archive Page, Search Page, and 404 Page Sidebar Layout. 

Decide and choose the appropriate Sidebar Layout for your website.

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Post Title Bar Layout/PageTitle Bar Layout/ArchiveTitle Bar Layout. 

Remember that you can On or Off Post Header, Page Header, and Archive Header as per your choice.

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Punte theme enables you to make necessary changes in the header style. You can make changes in Main Header, Top Header, and Header Builder easily. 

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Create a footer as you want using Punte Multipurpose WordPress Theme. For that click on the Footer Settings

Click on the Show option to show footers on your website. Then choose your Footer Widget Column as per your requirement. 

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Now choose the appropriate Footer Text Size. Select Footer background color, footer header color, and footer text color

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Choose your own Sidebar Style. Additionally, if you want to display your Sticky Sidebar choose the Enable option. 

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Amazing Site Identity

Almost every website designs its own logo. So, you can keep your own site’s logo. For that click on the Change Logo option. 

Keep your Site Title and Tagline if you want. You need to tick on the Display Site Title and Tagline option to show it. Keep your Site Icons size 512×512 pixels. Select your Site Icons.

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Dynamic Blog Option

Using Punte Theme you will be able to select your own Blog style. Show your Full Content or Show Excerpt. Excerpt the length on the basis of the number of words. There are many other options. 

You can select options to show or hide them. Crop your image in 1600×250 pixels before trying to add it. Click on the Add New Image option. 

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Useful WooCommerce Settings

First of all, go to General Settings. Now, it’s obvious that you want to show a Shopping Bag Icon/Cart. So, select the Show option. 

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Facilitating Social Links

All you need to do is to keep a particular social media link in the given option. 

Then, your website can display the link after choosing the show option. 

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Remember that you need to crop your image in 1600×250 pixels before trying to add it. Click on the Add New Image option to add the image. 

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Other Customizations

In the same way, you can customize the remaining options as per the necessity and design of your website. Customize your Menu, Widgets, Homepage Settings, and Additional CSS as per your choice. 

Make Kid's Website Using Punte - WordPress Theme.

Recommended Free Plugins for Gym and Fitness Website

Total Team Lite

Total Team Lite is a Free responsive utility plugin to showcase your team with minimal settings and configurations when you make a Kids website using the Punte theme. A powerful display platform with 4 pre-available layouts and 13 templates to show all the components in an attractive and simple way. This plugin is very useful to make a kid’s website as it displays different team member’s elements and much more with layout designs. Not only that, but it can also show additional details of the team member in the popup. Anyone can use it, as it is user friendly and has a very interactive user interface. It is compatible with different devices and you can get free updates for lifetime. 

Get the plugin

WP Floating Menu

WP Floating Menu enables you to make your kid’s website usability with a one-page navigator menu or sticky navigation menu. Remember with the easy usage of this plugin you don’t need to change your WordPress theme to make a kid’s website. Its design is beautiful and you can select from 5 different templates. This plugin is user friendly and has a very interactive user interface. This plugin enables display options for desktop as well as mobile devices. You can also create a sticky menu and place it in different locations on your website. 

Get the plugin

Smart Logo Showcase Lite

Smart Logo Showcase Lite is a WordPress logo showcase plugin. It will enhance the looks of your kid’s website by showcasing your client portfolio. This plugin works well with the Punte theme and offers you 5 beautiful pre-designed templates. It will create a visually appealing website along with displaying your client, sponsor, partner, brand logo. It is developed considering the ability to change background-color and active color of dot pager navigation. Using this plugin you can have full control over slider configuration options like autoplay, speed, control, pager, arrow, and a number of columns for the slide logos and much more.

Get the plugin

Ultimate Form Builder Lite

Ultimate Form Builder Lite is a feature enriched Free WordPress Theme to create Get a Quote / Request for quote form. This plugin is perfectly compatible with Punte theme and enables you to create various contact forms with drag and drop form builder in a Kids website. Using this theme can be one of the best options to make a simple and beautiful Kid’s website. You can choose the best layout suitable for your website 5 beautiful pre-designed form templates.

 Get the plugin

Everest Gallery Lite

Everest Gallery Lite is a responsive ultimate gallery plugin that enables you to add and create an awesome gallery of images, portfolios, etc when you make your Kids website. The plugin offers multiple layouts including grid layout and masonry layout. Each layout comes with sub-layouts and different configuration options. Choose the best option to make a Kids website from 5 pre-designed layouts. It is a shortcode ready and fully responsive easy to go plugin. It can be used easily by Kids and WordPress Beginners as it doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Show your gallery on your website in the most attractive way using Everest Gallery Lite.

Get the plugin

I am sure after reading this tutorial you would want to make your Kids website using Punte Kid’s – get the theme below!

Download Punte

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