News launches to secure Nigerians against online fraud

Publié par torrent9officiel, an escrow platform, has launched to help secure Nigerians against online fraud as COVID-19 pushes the world to turn to e-commerce from the safety of their homes., with a $5,000 pre-seed investment from an undisclosed source, is using proprietary escrow technology and processes to help unsuspecting Nigerians who get scammed on their favourite social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Nairaland among others.

Efe Ojadua, co-founder says most people get conned online because they trusted a vendor who should not have been trusted with their hard-earned money.

“Because of past experiences we had, we decided to build a payment service that works much the same way the popular 2-factor authentication works,” said Ojadua. “We launched full operations in April 2020 and we have over 200 users signed up already and we have helped them secured transactions worth well over 25 million naira.

“We are giving millions of people a say in their transactions, pay with absolute confidence,” he added. “The current payment channels available offers you minimal protection, leaving you at the mercy of fraudsters and other unscrupulous deals. We are here to change that.”

Founded in 2019, Middletrust says its spearheading a new way of making risk-free payments by uniquely leveraging technology to economically power millions of people around the world to carry out their everyday transactions securely.

Middletrust acts as a trusted middleman in transactions of all nature. The application provides a platform that enables involved parties to make and accept transaction contracts, this, in turn, ensures that all parties involved adhere to the contractual agreements as agreed by both parties thus making room for an itch-free transaction.

The platform aims to help increase transaction compliance, increase access to safety and peace of mind at a low cost. Organize your spending and gain the trust and reliability that big brands enjoy.


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