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Mum dies on operating table while undergoing ‘low budget’ tummy tuck plastic surgery

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Mum dies on operating table while undergoing

A mum-of-two died on the operating table while undergoing surgery for a low-budget tummy tuck at a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.


Keuana Weaver died on January 29 during a procedure at a plastic surgery clinic in Tijuana’s Las Torres.


The 38-year-old is understood to have told her family she was thinking about having some “work done,” but did not tell them she was going to Mexico.


Renee Weaver, Keuana’s mum, said her daughter’s death has left her “heartbroken” and is demanding to know what happened, DailyStar reports.


She added that she only discovered Keuana, who was the mother of a 13-year-old and a 1-year-old, was in Mexico when she received a call letting her know her daughter had died.


Mum dies on operating table while undergoing


The San Diego United Tribute claim Renee was sent a letter from the clinic offering to refund the $6,700 (£4831) cost of Keuana Weaver’s surgery.


Mum dies on operating table while undergoing


Keuana isn’t the only victim of the clinic. She is allegedly one of three women who flew to the city for cosmetic work at a cosmetic surgery clinic and failed to leave unharmed.


A second woman whose identity is unknown, is said to be on dialysis for kidney failure. 


Another woman is believed to have been hospitalized for two weeks following a procedure at the clinic.


All three women reportedly underwent work with the same doctor, local media have reported.


Báez López hasn’t commented on the allegations against him and his clinic, with receptionists at his clinic telling reporters López is unavailable to answer any questions because he is in the middle of surgery.



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