Nigeria’s Maliyo Games has partnered with Google to launch an African game developer bootcamp. – TechMoran

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Maliyo Games, a Nigerian mobile game developer, has teamed up with Google to offer a game developer training program called GameUp Bootcamp in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Maliyo is a Lagos-based game development studio with a portfolio of over 40 mobile games. Its GameUp Bootcamp, which it launched in partnership with Google, is designed for people with a basic understanding of programming or a computer science background.

Selected participants will learn how to refine, package, and develop casual Android games using a modern self-paced and project-based learning system, with instructors assessing and evaluating students’ progress on a regular basis.

Participants will benefit from valuable peer support from the African gaming community as part of the curriculum. Students will be able to access course materials and download needed applications using the GameUp Bootcamp’s substantial data allowance.

GameUp will take place virtually between August and December 2021 and is open to students from Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. Applications will be accepted until August 2nd.


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