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Pastor Paul Adefarasin praises wife, Ifeanyi as they celebrate 26th wedding anniversary together

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Founder of the House on the Rock churches, Pastor Paul Adefarasin has showered encomium on his wife, Ifeanyi as they celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary together. 

Adefarasin described his wife as a steadfast friend who has stuck with him through thick and thin.

Dear Ifeanyi,

“Through many dangers, toils and snares, we have already come”

‘‘Twas Grace that brought us safe thus far and Grace will lead us on”

“His promises are good to us, His words our hopes secured.”

Thank you for being the gracious heart that you are,

…the steadfast rock,

…the loving wife,

…the consummate mother to our family and fold.

Thank you for being the firm and steadfast friend through thick and thin;

…the faithful intercessor when things seemed dim

…the unflinching lover of my soul and the oft wind in my sails,

…still waters and calming seas beside which I have reposed my laboured limbs and where my wearied soul found rest when each day & its duty was done.

Through the days, through the weeks, through the months, through the years, the decades and now through the quarter centuries, you epitomise this all and much more.

Happy 26th Anniversary to us – 
my star 
from your star 


*partly adapted from The Amazing Grace”* 

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