Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Introducing hideaway hinge mechanism

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Samsung has pushed mobile engineering to its limits and reimagined the foldable category  With the Galaxy Z Flip. Now, users can open their device and stand their screens at different angles. From taking selfies to video chatting with friends hands-free, the Galaxy Z Flip offers an entirely new kind of smartphone experience, and it’s all possible because of the one-of-a-kind Hideaway Hinge.

The Hideaway Hinge on the Galaxy Z Flip is an innovation marvel and the backbone of the device that holds the entire smartphone. The hinge can tackle huge problems owing to the strong design that offers a stable and smooth experience. Samsung also came up with a way to prevent small particles, like dust and sand, from entering the tiny gap between the hinge and screen.

Samsung engineers developed a patented Hideaway Hinge technology that combines two completely new, groundbreaking innovations: the dual CAM mechanism and sweeper technology. In this first installment of a two-part series,

Hideaway Hinge’s Dual CAM Mechanism

The ridge-shaped dual CAM mechanism is a key component of the Galaxy Z Flip’s Hideaway Hinge and revolutionary, gradual folding experience. Because of this innovative technology, the Galaxy Z Flip can open, close and stand on its own at different angles. It’s the difference between a light switch that can only go on and off and a dimmer that offers many more degrees of control.

The dual camera mechanism consists of two CAM on both ends of the entire hinge. Each of them has two ridge shaped parts engaged and a spring supporting of the CAM detent

In addition, the precisely crafted dual CAM mechanism keeps the Hideaway Hinge slim, and the Galaxy Z Flip small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Dual CAM mechanism

The dual mechanism works in 3 ways, when the Z Flip is fully folded, the spring pushes against the top and bottom cams which ensures the device is firmly closed.

As the device unfolds, the top cam starts to slide up. The friction increases when the flat surfaces of the two cams meet. This mechanism allows the device to stay open on its own at 75 to 115 degrees.

When the device is unfolded, the top cam moves beyond the flat surface and slides down the opposite slope. The spring creates tension to lock the hinges in place to keep the device flat.


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