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The notch on the new MacBook Pro does not fit well with the macOS – TechMoran

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The latest Apple MacBook Pro with a notch has been available for a few days, And this seems to be an issue for Apple. Apple just released a new MacBook Pro line with a bit of a notch at the top of the screen, similar to the iPhone 13. Apple previously claimed that the notch in issue was a “clever method to provide more space to the user” and that it was a “smart way to offer more space to the user.”

However, it seems that the same notch is presently causing issues. Indeed, depending on how the new MacBook Pro is used, the aperture may cause some irregularities in macOS. Quinn Nelson, the founder of Snazzy Labs, has made many videos on Twitter in which he expresses his concerns about the little notch. One of these, in particular, makes it easy to highlight a problem directly connected to macOS by allowing the user to move the computer’s “Battery” icon below the notch, making it invisible to the user but still clickable. This is a risk that might arise in various applications.

Nelson Quinn also shows out how the notch is avoided in an earlier version of DaVinci Resolve. It is consequently difficult to transfer the mouse cursor to it in apps that have not been updated for the latter. As a result, Apple has blocked this region, preventing older programs from displaying menu items under the notch, even when using a mouse that carefully avoids travelling beneath it.

“These difficulties are incredibly unusual,” according to The Verge, “and will most likely only emerge in apps with a large number of menu items.” Apple, for its part, should submit a remedy as soon as possible to avoid the fault from recurring.


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