Vigilante commander attacked by angry youths over blasphemy in Lagos

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Vigilante commander attacked by angry youths over blasphemy in Lagos

A vigilante commander identified as Haladu Muhammed, was attacked by angry youths in Gangare area beside the popular Mile 12 International Market in Kosefe Local Government Area of Lagos State on Friday April 30 over alleged blasphemy. 


Daily Trust reported that Muhammed was attacked by some youths who accused him of blasphemous comment against Prophet Muhammad (SAW). 


Before security operatives could come to the victim’s aid, his vehicle was set ablaze by the youths who also vandalized his house. 


An eye witness, Usman Adam Sarauta told the publication; 


“They accused him of using words against the messenger of Allah, but this cannot be ascertained. Only God knows if this is true or not.

“I witnessed how they vandalised his house and office and how they also burnt his car. I lived in that area and noticed how residents used to complain about the conduct of the vigilante commander. Some accused him of maltreating them… I think they may have ganged up against him because of this.”


Another witness said Muhammed narrowly escaped but some of his boys were harmed. He said; 


“I learnt that the commander narrowly escaped after some security operatives came to his aid but some of his boys were not so lucky as they were brutally attacked. People are even saying they were killed but no evidence yet.

“The youths were seen in large numbers throwing stones to the security agents and I also heard that a stray bullet hit a woman who died immediately.”



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