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Are you looking for quality Android Mobile phones on an unlimited budget? Our guide is there to help you with your choice.

There are many high-end smartphones available in the markets today. Also, here are uncompromising options that you will have to consider. Be it how compatible with the latest technology(5G), how more or less pretty they are, or how advanced they can be. The models included in this article are well known as the flagship models in the premium world of smartphones.

Does not compromise

What is the S21 made up of? The model provides a 120 Hz refresh rate. Furthermore, there is an OLED screen of 6.8 inches supporting a WQHD resolution.

Designwise it is just perfect even though there exists a large photo sensor at the back. Internally the manufacturer has integrated the Exynos 2100 processor for S21. The 5000 mAh with a 25 W charger is enough to keep a day of intense use without worry.

Samsung is a top-notch manufacturer for producing the best cameras for its Mobile phones.S21 has not been left under this category. To achieve maximum efficiency, it is the 10x and 3x optical zooms that will impress. The S21 may be the perfect phone for your budget allows it.

Apple current Flagship

One title that is currently trending among Apple’s iPhones is the 12 Pro Max. Its new design is slightly different from the model that was released last year. Notably, the perfectly calibrated screen colors with high brightness and the thinner edges of up to 6.9-inch thickness.

Under the hood, the 12 pro max used the Apple14 System-on-a-Chip(SoC) supported by 6GB RAM. The autonomy of the phone can 72hrs due to the large screen. The phone has access to 5G technology. The photosensor supports a stabilized 12Mpx primary sensor. The 12 pro max is an exceptional phone, supported by a high-quality software ecosystem.

The Game challenger

After the OnePlus 8 Pro issue, the manufacturer decided to make some changes with the OnePlus 9 Pro. W e can say the OnePlus 9 Pro is the Game change for better ergonomics.

There is an OLED display of 6.7 inches with curved edges. In addition, You can achieve an adaptive performance with the 1 to 120 Hz. We also find the latest processor from Qualcomm, the 888 SoC. On the autonomy side, the phone can last up to a day on full charge wirelessly.

The photo module designed in partnership with Hasselblad was expected to help OnePlus close its gap with the best. The quality of the user experience offered by Oxygen OS is also praised. The OnePlus 9 Pro is a real success.

The future is here with us.

The highly anticipated Find X3 Pro features one of the most moose designs of the moment with its optical block that blends very smoothly into the back of the device.

The 6.7-inch OLED display is bright and has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Generally very good. Its colors could have been better calibrated. The phone can reach two days on the autonomy side, but the fast charge will surprise you. In 30 mins the finds X3 pro can charge from 5 to 95%. Oppo did find the reason not to equip the find X3 pro with a Snapdragon 888.

The findx3 pro is a model that we will name its photosensors microscope modules. You can feel the seduction with its camera.

The alternative

Xiaomi came out of nowhere, and it is now playing big compared to its cousin the likes of the oppo find X3 pro, apple flagship model, the 12 pro max, and the S21. The Mi 11 is an overall well-balanced phone that enjoys phenomenal power. Despite a diagonal of 6.81 inches, its grip remains very satisfying thanks to a flat back, both silky and aesthetic.

With its WQHD definition and refresh rate of 120 Hz, the Xiaomi Mi 11 is a bit of a hit in autonomy without being mediocre. The phone lasts a full day in conventional use (internet, messaging, videos, photos) but enjoys an efficient, fast charge: 80% in the space of 35 minutes.



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