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Android 12 has been published by Google. However, you should wait for a while before pulling out your smartphone to see if the update has become ready for your smartphone – while iOS users are free to smile in their hands.

Google has officially revealed the new version of its mobile operating system. The performance is only available in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and broader distribution is still in the works. Because the update is now unavailable for any smartphone, it is uninteresting to you.

Many people were relieved to learn that they will be able to update their Google Pixels directly to the latest version as it is customary, but that is not the plan this year. According to a 9to5google official, Android 12 is ready, but special features for Pixel devices still require a few finishing touches. It’s unclear what functions are being referred to. It should be that far in “a few weeks.” Perhaps Google will make it in time for the Google Pixel 6’s release at the end of October.

The revelation is, of course, exceptionally favourable for Android haters and iOS lovers both. Because when Apple changes its operating system for iPhones, the update is immediately available for download on all devices, as proved most recently with iOS 15. On the other hand, Google is launching a new version that will not work on any device.

It’s possible that by 2021, the new Android will not be available on any Google Pixels but will be available on smartphones from other manufacturers. Realme has already stated that Realme UI 3.0 will be released on October 13, while Oppo has stated that ColorOS 12 will be released at least on October 11. Samsung and Xiaomi, among others, are supposed to launch their first phones later this year.


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