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Winning at Blackjack: Top Blackjack Strategies

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Playing blackjack requires skill, time, and patience. However, finding a player that has mastered every strategy for winning at blackjack would be challenging. Not every player has the secret recipe for winning big, but many experienced players have found a strategy that works best for them.

Thus, if you’re new to the exciting world of blackjack and looking for a way to improve your playing skills, you might want to dive in headfirst. To find the best blackjack strategy that suits your playing style, make sure to try a few different ones.

Take a look at some helpful tips and tricks below.

Take Advantage of Cheat Sheets

Don’t worry, these sheets are not exactly true to their name, and you won’t actually be cheating. Blackjack cheat sheets are designed to help you get to know the basics of the game — when to hit, stand, split, surrender, double down, and help you control your money. As we all know, these two steps are quite essential when playing any table game.

Ultimately, these strategy sheets are beneficial when you need some extra help to determine your next step. It would be best if you could memorize the sheets by heart as that would come in handy anywhere.

However, do not count cards as that can lead to some unfortunate consequences.

Know When to Double Down and Split

Doubling down and splitting are two significant moves you should know when to make in a game of blackjack. Doubling down allows you to double your bet once the cards have been dealt. Keep in mind that you should only double down if your hand value is 10 or 11. Your chances of maximizing your winnings will significantly increase. Avoid doubling down if your hand value is above 11.

When it comes to splitting cards, the overall outcome can be advantageous, or you can lose everything. When you are dealt your first two cards, you will get the opportunity to split them if they’re a pair. If you take that chance, the cards will be divided into two hands, and you will need to match your original bet. Thus, you can win on both hands or lose both. Ultimately, it’s up to you.

We’ll throw in an extra tip — split your cards if you get a pair of aces or eights.

Make Smaller Bets

If you’re a beginner at blackjack, you need to pay special attention to money distribution. It’s easy to get carried away once you start winning, but you can just as quickly lose all your money. Making safe bets at any table game is impossible, but you can do a few things to stay on the safe side.

For starters, join a low-stakes table and remember that wins and losses often come in streaks. Once you get your first win, keep increasing your bet by a small margin as long as you’re winning. Avoid raising the stakes when you lose. Remember that losing is natural, but don’t let it dampen your hopes of winning big. Anything can happen when you believe in yourself and apply the blackjack strategies we mentioned above.


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