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Apple has now been overtaken as the largest smartphone producing company by Samsung Electronics. According to Canalysis, Samsung accounts for over a fifth of global sales in the first quarter.

Last year(2020), the global sales were accounted for only 272 million units. However this year the global sales increased dramatically up to 47 million units. This Guarantees 27% increase in the first quarter.

The ranking for the fourth quarter of 2020 moved significantly in the first quarter of this year. While Samsung has regained its first place, the most meteoric growth in the TOP 5 is again attributed to Xiaomi.

Xiaomi promises to move up in the second position.

In the past years, the Chinese manufacturer has been rising steadily in terms of its marketability and performance-wise. Currently, the company has made sales, with sales up 62% to 49 million phones and a 14% market share. It is therefore coming successfully behind Samsung and apple in the third position. In the next quarter.

Smartphone manufacturers’ market share in the first quarter of 2021 – Credit: Canalys

Recently apple reported the worst sales for its iPhone 12 series despite being fully marketed. Therefore, the Apple company can still depend on its popularity to compete well with Xiaomi comes next quarter. However, in the coming quarters, sales are likely to falter before releasing the iPhone 13 in the fourth quarter.

With only 3 million more smartphones sold than its Chinese competitor. Sales at half-mast could allow Xiaomi to take second place. Every year, the Redmi Note series is a real international success, and it could even allow Xiaomi to surpass Samsung soon if the manufacturer continues in this momentum.

This year, smartphone sales increased by 27%. These were aided by the easing of global health restrictions, which had significantly impacted the industry in 2020.

Nevertheless, we can note the absence of Huawei in the ranking since the manufacturer has seen its smartphone sales fall since the introduction of U.S. sanctions that prevent it from using Google’s services on its smartphones. To compensate for the poor sales, Huawei recently started farming pigs.



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