“Wrapper is one of the sexiest house outfits a woman can wear”- Nigerians react as lady reveals what her husband did when she wore wrapper at home

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A Nigerian woman, Honourable Sisi Tomi, said that her husband couldn’t keep his hands off her when she walked around the house wearing only wrapper. 


“Tied wrapper around the house yesterday and na every corner dem just dey catch me. It is well” she tweeted on Tuesday, April 6.


“Me: *stands up to drop my plate in the kitchen* Him: Let me help you”


Her tweet was greeted with funny comments. One Damola wrote:


“You didn’t learn from those housewives that normally born footbal team. Na wrapper dem dey tie”


David Dapo said:  “It’s the best form of foreplay”


Another Twitter user shared an old tweet in which he said that wrapper is one of the sexiest house outfits a woman can wear.


“Actually, what is wrong with tying wrapper at home ? In all sincerity. It’s seeming more sexually practical than bum shorts or shorts. Almost more practical than any dress. I don’t get the critique.” says Igwe Obiageli Ngozi. 







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