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YouTube has started rolling out a “new to you” tab for a better explore option.

Online video sharing and social media platform YouTube has started rolling out a redesignated “New to you” tab on its platform to enable users to explore content that is not a part of usual recommendations that show up on the home feed.

The new tab is available on the YouTube homepage across mobile, desktop, and TV devices. The company said in a statement, “We are excited to share more details about ‘New to you’ – a feature helping you discover new creators and fresh content, beyond the recommended videos you normally see. ‘New to you’ is now available on the YouTube homepage across mobile, desktop, and TV devices.”

The new feature is expected to help creators reach new audiences by targeting those who would be most interested in their content but would not have discovered it.

The company further added:

“Try out ‘New to you’ today, simply tap ‘New to you’ in the topic bar, which is also easily found when you refresh the YouTube homepage (on mobile). You may also see a ‘New to you’ prompt as you scroll through your feed.”

Since this feature is personalized, it may not always be available, and one would need to be signed in to see it.

Recently, Video streaming giant YouTube is all set for a larger test of its live shopping platform, with plans to host a week-long live shopping event, “YouTube Holiday Stream and Shop,” beginning from November 15. The event will allow viewers to shop new products, unlock limited-time offers and engage with creators and other viewers via Q&As and polls, the company added.

According to TechCrunch, an American online newspaper, the company first unveiled its plans to invest in live shopping at the beginning of 2021, as part of a larger initiative around integrated shopping on YouTube.


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