Zoom is introducing “Immersive View” a feature that could make video calls more in-person

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Zoom is rolling out a video background view that will make video calls feel more like physical meetings. The feature dubbed Immerse view will be built on the existing zoom features to bring customers into a more real meeting environment.

The feature will be available for free and pro accounts attending meetings and webinars with up to 25 participants. However, there are still a few limitations for users. For calls larger than 25. participants, the remaining people will hang out in a strip of video thumbnails at the top of the scene. Also for users still running on the old version of zoom, their background will default to the settings it was before Immerse views is turned on.

Announced last year during the zoomtopia conference, Immerse view zoom announced that it will introduce more immersive, engaging and collaborative meetings. Rather than just switching to different backgrounds, Immerse scenes will allow the host to set a custom background theme for their meetings or create a layout where participants videos are embedded with a scene that everyone shares like a classroom or courtroom.

Meeting hosts will also be able to immerse view from the same menu where you can find speaker view and gallery view. From there, the zoom will automatically place attendees in a variety of built-in virtual scenes like a board room or auditorium or the host manually places them.

However, this won’t change the zoom fatigue as it only focuses on users having a similar background on the conference call but it makes the calls more fun than usual. Zoom is still working on better features that will make zoom more exciting especially now that the pandemic looks like its here and to stay are so are virtual meetings.



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